Class-based affirmative action?

The US Supreme Court in April upheld Michigan’s ban on race-based affirmative action in university admissions.

Indeed, affirmative action as we know it is probably doomed: voters have banned it at universities in at least eight states, and four more … Read the rest

Unusual delay in Supreme Court’s decision on Abigail Fisher and race-based admissions

Eight months after attorneys for Abigail Fisher argued in front of the Supreme Court that the University of Texas’ affirmative action admissions policy discriminates against white students, the justices still have not handed down their decision in the potentially paradigm-shifting … Read the rest

American ‘research war’ over affirmative action

by Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed

With the U.S. Supreme Court about to hear arguments in the Fisher v. University of Texas case that could decide the fate of affirmative action in admissions, a research war has broken out. Defenders … Read the rest