Orthodox Jews protest against Pride with hired help

A group of Mexican men were paid to protest homosexuality at the New York City Pride parade. But what they wore made them stand out: They were dressed as Orthodox Jews in tzitzit (fringed Jewish prayer garments), black hats and … Read the rest

Class-based affirmative action?

The US Supreme Court in April upheld Michigan’s ban on race-based affirmative action in university admissions.

Indeed, affirmative action as we know it is probably doomed: voters have banned it at universities in at least eight states, and four more … Read the rest

Conned about marriage, constitution and ‘states’ rights’

mercer_ilanaby Ilana Mercer

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The ban on the ban is unconstitutional.

This was the gist of broadcaster Mark Levin’s angry tirade against the humdrum, and certainly predicable, decision of a federal … Read the rest

Court halts US lawsuits against apartheid crime

tortA federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that three major companies cannot be held liable in the United States for crimes South Africa’s former apartheid government committed, saying a recent US Supreme Court decision “plainly bars” such lawsuits.

The plaintiffs … Read the rest

Stop crying racism, sexism – the 1960s are over

david_masciotraby David Masciotra

The 1960s divided America. An activist and rebellious youth fought, sang and partied for more freedom and equality. The Civil Rights Movement, the free speech campaign at Berkeley and anti-Vietnam war protests helped push America into a … Read the rest

Key affirmative action case to be decided this month

The controversial issue of affirmative action will be decided this month by the US Supreme Court and will set a precedent in how colleges and universities accept students. It is not expected to have significant impact on the current admissions

Read the rest

U.S. Supreme Court to rule on Affirmative Action today

In addition to a ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Healthcare law ( Obamacare) law today,  the United States Supreme Court is also set to hand down a ruling on an Affirmative Action case which may impact parents with … Read the rest