Nelson Mandela welcomed Bantustans

The NP under FW de Klerk started the negotiations with Nelson Mandela “well”, but abandoned most white demands in September 1992, leading to the current growing assault on property rights, says Hermann Giliomee. He recently gave a lecture in honour … Read the rest

The white musician’s burden

It has become part and parcel in South Africa today for various opinion makers, entertainers and activists to take to political hectoring and vilifying of their fellow entertainers.

Since last week, various commentators and activists have come out strongly against … Read the rest

Coloured ANC leader wants to honour assassin Tsafendas

A request has been made to declare the graves of Hendrik Verwoerd and his assassin Dimitri Tsafendas national heritage sites.

The request came from ANC Eastern Cape MPL Christian Martins in a letter to the National Heritage Council of SA, … Read the rest