US ambassador to Vietnam promotes gay marriage

Since their December arrival in Vietnam, U.S. Ambassador Ted Osius and his mulatto husband have become the most prominent gay couple in the Southeast Asian country.

Osius and Clayton Bond landed with their toddler son shortly before the government abolished … Read the rest

Presidential Crimes: Then And Now

Writing for Americans is not always an enjoyable experience. Many readers want to have their prejudices confirmed, not challenged. Emotions rule their reason, and they are capable of a determined resistance to facts and are not inhibited from displays of … Read the rest

Iraq, Afghan war costs to top $4 trillion

maimedThe U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost taxpayers $4 trillion to $6 trillion, taking into account the medical care of wounded veterans and expensive repairs to a force depleted by more than a decade of fighting, according to … Read the rest

Vietnamese activist convicted for Facebook posts

A Vietnamese activist received a 15 month suspended prison sentence Tuesday for “abusing democratic freedoms” through his Facebook posts –part of an escalating crackdown on dissent by the communist regime.

Dinh Nhat Uy, 30, was convicted at the end of … Read the rest