Violence as ethnic tensions flare over Pretoria’s mayoral candidate

South Africa’s capital was tense on Wednesday after residents torched buses and looted shops overnight, police said, in clashes sparked by the ruling party’s choice of a mayoral candidate for local polls.

Africa’s most industrialised country will hold local government … Read the rest

Violent protesters in Hammanskraal turn against journalists

At least two people were killed in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria, during a violent protest, the Tshwane Metro Police said on Monday.

Tshwane Metro Police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba, said at least two people had died and about six … Read the rest

W-Cape Coloured gang wars leave 20 dead so far in April

In the coloured (mixed-race) suburb of Manenberg in Cape Town, 20 people have already died this month in gang wars. More police were deployed yesterday morning in an attempt to stop the violence.

Over the weekend residents were fearful of … Read the rest

Twitter sides with black rapper against Sarah Palin on ‘gang-rape’ tweet

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin engaged in a Twitter feud with “female rapper” Azealia Banks this week. Banks made a vile suggestion for the politician to be “gang-raped.” Twitter didn’t want to referee the feud and allowed Banks to exercise … Read the rest

South African blacks attack foreign nationals, Malawian set alight

Foreign nationals were attacked in separate incidents on Johannesburg’s East Rand at the weekend, South African Police said.

On Saturday, in Tsepong in De Dear, three men shot an Ethiopian national inside a shop.

“The suspects got into their vehicle … Read the rest

South Africa: Young white almost beaten to death by black mob at stop street

A young white man has almost been beaten to death by a black mob in the Rustenburg area, on his way back from the Sun City holiday resort. A gang of “five or six” black males ambushed Mr. Jacques Smith … Read the rest

Department offers counselling for many stabbings

Watched a stabbing at school lately? The South African Department of Education has an answer. It offers counselling to pupils who see stabbings, in a clear acknowledgement that eradicating such behaviour would be impossible.

The latest incident where a 21-year-old … Read the rest

Burning ‘whiteness’ at UCT

A protest at UCT, led by black #RhodesMustFall campaigners, led to violence on Tuesday night.

Black students gathered paintings and artifacts and set them alight, saying “whiteness is burning”. Plaques and paintings of Jan Smuts were amongst the artifacts set … Read the rest

Suspects in Cologne sex attacks all ‘refugees’

Those involved in a series of sexual assaults against women in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve claimed to be refugees, according to a leaked police report.

The outbreak of violence was also far more serious than … Read the rest

#FeesMustFall lead to xenophobic violence in Grahamstown

Foreigners who fled Grahamstown after their shops were looted, claim that not enough was being done to prevent the spread of xenophobia.

The looting, vandalism and violence against foreigners came in the wake of a “student” uprising in the town, … Read the rest