Mandela for Dummies

by Albert Brenner

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It simply boggles the mind having to witness people still prostrating themselves in the dust whenever the name Mandela is spoken. Elevated to a modern-day god, Mandela is believed to be three, … Read the rest

ANC finds Winnie Mandela’s comments ‘regrettable’

The ANC was unaware that the family of former statesman Nelson Mandela was unhappy about a publicised visit President Jacob Zuma made to Mandela’s house shortly after he was released from hospital in April, the party said in a statement … Read the rest

16 June: Your race-riot triumph is my Orwellian nightmare

Today is 16 June, a public holiday (vacation to our American friends) commemorating the race riots of 1976 in Soweto. Every year I dread the arrival of 16 June, incongruously called “Youth Day”, because it represents the acme of the … Read the rest

Little activity outside Mandela house

The scene outside former president Nelson Mandela’s Johannesburg home was quiet on Tuesday morning, as the ailing icon entered his fourth day in a Pretoria hospital.

Several journalists milled around on the street corner opposite the Houghton house drinking coffee … Read the rest