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Man’s tongue goes missing in mortuary

Mpumalanga police will on Tuesday be conducting an autopsy on a body of a man whose tongue was allegedly cut out while he was kept at a privately-run mortuary at…


Limpopo protesters set up pay stations

Protesters demanded entry fees to Relela and Kubjana villages in Limpopo on Friday morning. The “pay stations” set up at road blocks were operated by protesters in full view of the police….

The crowd and the witchcraft healer watch the fire consume the w

Sixth protester killed in Limpopo

A teenage boy was shot during a protest in Bolobedu at the weekend — the sixth person to be killed by police this year, a spokesman said on Monday. Saturday’s…

Generic witchdoctor/sangoma

House near Zeerust burnt down in witchcraft incident

Motswedi police near Zeerust have arrested twelve suspects on charges of Public Violence and Malicious damage to property on 13 December 2013 at Lobatla village. It is alleged that the…

A necklace killing whereby a tyre is placed around the victim's neck, filled with petrol and then set alight
Narysec recruits

Hundreds flee ‘bewitched’ Kimberley military base

Mass hysteria among hundreds of young students participating in the National Rural Youth Service Corps (Narysec) saw them fleeing the 3SAI Army Base and seeking refuge at the Roodepan police…

African medicine

Nursing sisters send baby to sangoma

Two nursing sisters at a rural health clinic in KwaZulu-Natal allegedly referred a sick 5-month-old baby to a sangoma, a health official said on Friday. The two nurses at the…

Vervet monkey

Monkey stoned and burned

Hundreds of community members in Mamelodi East Section 14, Pretoria, watched as the monkey burnt to ashes. A vervet monkey was stoned to death and later set alight by residents…


Initiate caught with muti to kill

A young initiate admitted that he had been promised R5 000 by four sangomas should he succeed in killing the other initiates in an attempt to close the initiation school…


Liberalism is the real cause of witchcraft murders in South Africa

by Dan Roodt Like Dan Roodt’s Facebook page Apparently Barack Obama has signed an executive order authorising $10 million to be spent on stopping the poaching of wildlife in Africa,…