Yemeni leader flees while Saudi Arabia continues with air strikes

Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi left his refuge in Aden for Saudi Arabia on Thursday as Houthi rebels battled with his forces on the outskirts of the southern port city.

Throughout the day, warplanes from Saudi Arabia and Arab allies … Read the rest

Western embassies in Yemen evacuated

The embassies of Germany and Italy have announced evacuation of embassies’ personnel from Yemen. They followed the example of other NATO member states, such as Britain, France and the Netherlands, which have closed their embassies in Yemen over security fears. … Read the rest

SA hostage killed in failed US rescue attempt

U.S. President Barack Obama said in a statement he ordered the raid that killed hostages Pierre Korkie and Luke Somers.

The American photojournalist and South African teacher held by al-Qaida militants in Yemen have been killed in a failed U.S. … Read the rest

Obama comes out against self-determination

pcrBy Paul Craig Roberts.

The White House Fool has repeatedly declared erroneously and foolishly that it is “against international law” for Crimea to exercise self-determination. Self-determination, as used by Washington, is a propaganda term that serves Washington’s empire but … Read the rest

Killing with impunity: US covert targeted deaths

yemenThe Council on Foreign Relations has released its estimates on the year’s covert targeted killings in Yemen and Pakistan, carried out primarily by drones. The numbers are based on reports from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, The Long War Journal, … Read the rest

Obama okays military aid to countries with child soldiers

childsoldierAmid the hoopla of the government shutdown, the White House quietly passed a bill Monday that overrides a law banning military aid to countries that use child soldiers.

The Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008 prohibits the U.S. government from … Read the rest

Did Mandela’s friend supply chemical weapons to Syrian rebels?

by Terry Crawford-Browne

REPORTS from Syria by Jordanian journalists allege that it was Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia who distributed those chemical weapons to the Syrian rebels.( Here he is shown with that other unrepentant terrorist)

If … Read the rest

Embassy threats ‘had no basis in fact’

droneattackA high-ranking Yemeni security official has told McClatchy that the Obama administration’s recently announced terror threat which supposedly targeted US embassies had “no basis in fact” and was manufactured merely to dampen opposition to drone strikes.

After initially warning of … Read the rest

US deploys forces in 18 countries against Muslim anger

Washington said it was deploying forces to cope with violence in as many as 18 different locations as deadly Muslim anger spreads over a US-made movie that mocks Islam.

Two US marines were killed in Afghanistan when insurgents armed with … Read the rest