SA performs first penis transplant

South African doctors announced Friday that they had performed the world’s first successful penis transplant, three months after the ground-breaking operation.

South Africa has long been a pioneer of transplant surgery. In 1967, Chris Barnard performed the world’s first heart … Read the rest

UCT discovers that English is a barrier to black students

The University of Cape Town’s College of Accounting, concerned by high drop-out rates, has developed English, Xhosa, and Zulu videos to teach financial and accounting concepts to second-language black students.

Adding up numbers, it seems, is much easier in your … Read the rest

Zulu band unfazed by ‘racism’

Hip-hop group AmaCde yesterday said a complaint against one of its songs will give “African employees who experience abuse, mistreatment and exploitation at the hands of Indian employers a chance to make submissions” to the SA Human Rights Commission.

“We … Read the rest

Can South Africa properly be called a ‘democracy’?

roodt_dan_wikiby Dan Roodt dan[at]

I find it interesting that professor Anthony Butler of UCT should point out potential tribal schisms within the ANC in Business Day. According to Stephen Ellis in his book External Mission: the ANC in exile … Read the rest

‘African languages disappearing in South Africa’

Molteno calls on Government to prioritise teaching of indigenous languages to avoid death of cultures and continued decline in scholastic performance The Molteno Institute of Language & Literacy has called on the government and civil society to join forces in … Read the rest

Floyd Shivambu on ANC’s tribal politics

A few years ago, the ANC made a huge blunder in electing Jacob Zuma as President of the ANC in December 2007. Ironically, the re-election of President Thabo Mbeki in the same Conference would have been a huge blunder, portraying … Read the rest