White Identity: racial consciousness in the 21st century, by Jared Taylor

In this brilliant and wide-ranging survey of the relevant science and history, Jared Taylor shows that racial consciousness is intrinsic and that efforts to remake human nature are doomed to fail. He shows that in modern America, people of all races prefer the company of people of their own race; that racial diversity is more often a source of conflict than of strength; and that multiculturalism is changing the United States profoundly and to the detriment of most white people.
Dr. Raymond Wolters,
Keith Professor of History, University of Delaware

The work of an insightful, well-tempered, and above all, demandingly honest mind, White Identity is especially timely as the white population of America comes under intensifying demographic, political, cultural, and economic pressure from both within and without. Jared Taylor deserves our deep gratitude for declaring that whites must find a way to stand up for themselves in a world in which they are becoming a shrinking minority, even in their own once white-majority countries.
Prof. J. Philippe Rushton,
Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario

If you don’t like letting facts ruin your fantasies about race relations and “diversity” stay away from this book!!
Dr. Anthony Hilton,
Associate Professor of Psychology (retired),
Concordia University, Montreal
Jared Taylor is arguably the most brilliant of the leaders of what is sometimes called the “Alternative Right,” the intellectual movement focused on emergent issues that are now systematically suppressed in America’s purblind public debate. This book, the long–awaited sequel to his seminal Paved With Good Intentions, will eventually be seen as a decisive step forward on the historic American nation’s road to recovery from the paralyzing curse of Political

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