Two blacks drowned white child in boiling water

The 3 accused in the Walkerville massacre and torture. Mbele is on the left and Radebe on the right. Photo: Jorge Henrique Martins, VOZ PORTUGUESA

Two young black males gagged a crying 12-year old white boy and afterwards drowned him in a bath filled with boiling water. The accused yesterday admitted guilt to the murder with smiles as they appeared in the Vereeniging regional court, reports the Johannesburg Afrikaans daily, Beeld.

In a typical South African black-on-white atrocity, the boy and his entire family were massacred on 1 October 2011 in Walkerville, south of Johannesburg. Amaro Jose Viana, of Portuguese descent, his mother Geraldine (42) and father Tony (53) were killed in an attack by the family’s gardener Petrus Radebe (24), Sipho Mbele (21) and Sphiwe David Motaung (20). A fourth black person, a minor whose name was not published and appartently the son of Petrus Radebe, also participated in the attack. All four admitted their guilt on all charges against them.

According to the accused, “we mutually raped Geraldine Viana”. Sipho Mbele raped her first while Petrus Radebe helped to restrain her by standing on her face. Afterwards Radebe raped her too.

Beeld reports that Charmaine Castleman, an attorney appearing for the accused, read a statement in court explaining that the three men burgled the Viana residence to rob them of their possessions and “to get Geraldine Viana back” for the way she had treated them.

The white family’s dog apparently barked tremendously during the burglary. The animal was killed by disembowelling him.

According to Beeld’s court reporter, 12-year-old Amaro’s dad Tony Viana first arrived at the burgled home. The three black men attacked him from behind with a machete and a golf club, after which he was forced to unlock the family safe. He was then tied up.

The boy and his mother arrived later and were tied up in separate rooms. Then the raping started. When Radebe and Mbele had finished raping Geraldine, Mbele placed a cushion over her face to muffle her screams and shot her with a pistol obtained from her husband.

The accused stated: “Afterwards Sipho took the gun and shot Tony in the head.” Mbele and Radebe then went to Amaro’s room and realised that the boy would be able to recognise them.

The Viana family in happier times: From left, Geraldine Viana, Amaro, Gabriela Correia, Tony's daughter from a previous marriaga, and Tony Viana. Photo: Facebook

“We went to the bathroom and turned on the tap. We went to fetch him and gagged him because he was crying. We forced him into the bath face down, knowing that he would drown.”

From forensic evidence tendered in court, it was clear that the boy was held down in boiling water. The exact cause of his death has however not yet been determined by state pathologists. The boy’s hands and feet were tied.

According to Beeld, “Mbele and Radebe admitted guilt on charges of burglary with the intent to steal, robbery with aggravating circumstances, the possession of an unlicensed firearm, the illegal possession of ammunition and intentional damage to goods.”

The accused will be sentenced on 6 September. As the death penalty was abolished in South Africa, they will probably get lengthy prison sentences but could be out on parole within five to ten years.

The vast majority of South Africans, black and white, support the reinstatement of the death penalty, but the liberal Constitutional Court has stated that it would be unconstitutional. The ruling ANC and liberal opposition DA are also opposed to the death penalty.

A search of South African newswires in English for this story has returned an empty result. Until now, only Beeld has reported on the court appearance of the three murderers – in Afrikaans, which is only spoken in South Africa, although easily comprehensible to Dutch-speakers.

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  • Nancy Drew
    • guest

      They are playing catch-up

      • Marina

        They are between 20 and 24, “Born Free”. It is disgusting to define their actions as CATCH UP wheh they liturally boiled a child alive. I just cannot begin to imagine his agony

      • Petrus Ponkiediel

        Catch up of what?? I am 54 years old, born in SA and here all my life. NEVER, NEVER have white people perpertrated the kind of brutal raping and killing upon blacks, like they are doing to us like described above. This kind of brutality did not exist, it was unheard of. Now it has become a national sport and they not only get away with it, the government and the ANC encourages it. They are brutal, despicable, degenerate and corrupt.

    • Rieks

      What has happened to this family is absolutely barbaric, what concerns me is that apartheid and racism is supposed to be something of the past …. ???? but is seems to me that it is more rife than ever before. What happens across the world is so demoralizing, life is not valuable anymore. Surely there will come a time when each and everyone will have to be accountable for their actions, I am fretting as we have to face a Living God and give account of what we have done with our lives – positive or negative, I am not looking forward to that day, for some it will be horrendous, unfortunately then it will be too late to plead or beg for mercy.

  • jt

    Ek hoop die werf etters word tot die dood geryp in die tronk.kak sal julle kak. N oog vir n oog.Dan het die ding not n smile op Sy gesig.ek sal hom Moor met liefde.die wiel gaan draai en God gaan julle gemors Nie kan help nie

  • Colin Murray

    This scum should get the same treatment as their victims only after being left at the mercy of serving inmates in prison for 5 years, then killed. These persons are not human.

    • The celt

      What is 5 years in prison with other black males who hate White people in South Africa going too do,they would be treated like kings for killing a White family.

      • nord

        very true!!! this south africa thing is really scary.

  • Karolina K

    Blacks do this here in USA slums to their own children, it’s called
    ghetto lobster….

    • Mel

      This is South Africa not the USA Ghetto Slums. This kind of thing happens regularly that people are so used to it. Its disgusting! Bring back the death penalty in South Africa!

      • The celt

        Its never going to happen,Whites are being ethnicly cleansed from South Africa,Saddest of all no one cares.

    • Karina M.

      Karolina, I have never heard of it!!!

      • Boerboel

        @ Karina: Karolina is 100% right -blacks in US ghettos immerse their kids in boiling water to kill them. It’s become so common that it gave rise to the term “Ghetto Lobster” just as Karolina says. Google it and educate yourself.

        In SA, they dump toddlers upside down in buckets, then claim that the toddler “fell in” by accident. Whilst some undoubtedly do, it happens so often that one wonders whether it was by omission or commission, the latter being difficult or impossible to prove.

    • Sidra

      Bullshit. I’m a white woman from the US who has many black friends, co-workers, and 2 children by my ex-husband, a black man; and I’ve never heard of this. Sounds like an urban legend.

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  • Ty

    in this case i recon that the DA and ANC are against the death penalty simply because of the high prison population. after all, a politician needs every vote they can get. and why label it “Two blacks drowned white child in boiling water”. racist much?? oh wait, south africa needs to keep racism alive because of the majority. we are all people for god sake! stop taking advantage of the past and keeping people hating echother. news papers need readers right, so they will think of the most contravercial way of printing/headlining their stories. there really is no hope for the human race…

    • Minoko

      Racist? Oh! You mean these apes raping and killing an entire family? Oooooh I bet they did it randomly, and not because they were white.::!! Aaw lawdy!! Where is Mandela? Oh that’s right, singing kill the Boer I bet.

      • magdalena

        right you are! First do the same to them, then kill them after leaving them a couple of days suffering!

        • nord

          we dont need to repeat these niggers actions we just need to get them the fuck away from our people. we would be lucky if enough of us woke up in time to save one white area from these types of massacres.ive lived their disgust in horror growing up. they come in to your neighb or hoods and drive out then destroy while polluting and raping your people

        • you are right bro. these dudes are heartless

    • J C


      It may seem strange to you that race is featured so prominently, especially now that some media censor the race of perpetrators, but this information is relevant in this context because South Africa has high levels of black-on-white violence, probably motivated by racism on the part of the perpetrators.

    • David

      Good call, Ty. This is a provocative article designed to inspire racial bitterness. The crime itself was also a exercise of racial hatred. It seems this kind of behavior is easy to encourage…that’s too bad, and it’s too bad that few people will understand that you’ve made a good point.

      • Dee

        This kind of black on white violence is very common in SA. It really is pathetic that there are people who will read accounts of these horrible crimes and then have the damn audacity to claim that reporting on the TRUTH is “designed to inspire racial bitterness”!

      • Petrus Ponkiediel

        The difference between us and them is the following: If a white man is insulted in any wich way by whom ever, he has the capacity to ignore it or laugh it off. Not them. You insult him, even if it is a small or minor insult or even a joke, he will come in the night,six or seven of them, rape and kill your wife and daughters, torture them to death, strangle your infant child and make you watch. Then they will leave you for last.

    • Willem Wikkelspies

      Nothing to do with prisons being full . Everything to do with a shrinking ANC voter base – thats why these scum convicts still have the vote , or the death penalty would be a self eradication of ANC voters . Remember , whether you like it or not – the death penalty is a deterrent . If you can name one person who was put to death , but then became a repeat offender , you can win a Mercedez .

      The sad fact is RSA has the highest rate of recividism globally and when these scum s@v@ges are released after 5 years they will repeat the performances . Only a death sentence / firing squad will rid the genepool of such recently primitive and s@v@ge miscreants

    • Lime Lite

      Ty – stick your head further in the sand. Deny what’s right in front of you so that you don’t offend anyone. You sound like a previously disadvantaged uneducated twerp.

    • Eddie

      How is labelling this article as “Two blacks drowned white child in boiling water” racist? It’s not racist it’s exactly what happened. Two black men drowned a white boy in boiling water. The only way it would be racist is if it said “Two niggers drowned a boy in boiling water”.

  • Harold Crews

    The end of Apartheid was the end of civilization in South Africa. The African is incapable of either creating or maintaining civilization. They can not even feed themselves. Only a deluded fool believes otherwise. To claim racial equality is an insult to whites and East Asians.

    • Danuis

      Isn’t that bloody right.

    • Illwill

      Oh please, that’s not true. Look at Zimbabwe and Somalia, countries formerly ruled by whites and now thriving paradises run by blacks.


      Well, it’s not like africans and arabs behave badly when they come to civilized countries at least! I mean, it’s not like they are running around and raping, murdering, stealing, assaulting while living on well-fare, right? I mean, that’s not the case in the U.S, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece or any other country these locusts visit, right?

      Or maybe it is, maybe they are a dead end in evolution and the world would be a lot better off without them? Speaking of gypsies, do you have those in the South Africa?

      • Bodhi Van Dante

        Sadly they ARE doing that in the UK countries (unless you were being sarcastic). But the main problem in the UK is the growing threat of Islam taking over. And they ARE raping, murdering, stealing, assaulting while living on welfare. And are getting away with it.

        South Africa is a beautiful country and could be even more so if it wasn’t for the way things are among its people.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          You stupid racist. Islam owns exactly what percentage of the media in the UK? Taking over? I think you’d better check out which minority group controls the UK politics and media and it isn’t Muslims. Clown. Maybe if you stopped making wars and wrecking their countries those Muslims wouldn’t have need to come and live in a crappy place like the UK where at least they’re not being bombed and poisoned by your militaries.

      • Petrus Ponkiediel

        Yes. The most dissapointing, despicable, degenerate, dysfunctional, genetically deficient, corrupt species on earth. But definately not Homo Sapiens.

        • Petrus Ponkiediel

          Sorry, I forgot to add immoral

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  • morton christie

    Bring back the death penalty. i dont care if the liberals say its not a deterant, after a few years we would have hanged them all (pref before they can breed) thereby removing the threat totally.

  • Chris


  • Kielboss

    And the nagger savagery continues. I hate naggers and really hope they all die horrible deaths. Just die naggers…..

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You’re in the same place as them seen from here. You make good companions and I expect filthy racists like you will get to share hell with those you hate worst. You probably get to be cell mates in Hell. You’ll get odd and even days to be the bitch. 🙂

  • Matt W

    This is not only infuriating but disgusting! The fact that these sub-human animals are being allowed to still run-free in the year 2012 all the while never contributing to anything to society save for its destruction and downfall. This group does nothing but take, murder, rape, and destroy and thing and everything it cannot eat or sexually molest. All of the so-called “inventions” and civilizations these animals supposedly are responsible for creating are nothing but blatant lies and falsehoods- they have done nothing of value and continue to drag humanity to their animal level. Enough.

  • scott

    blacks do not belong in africa.

    • Luiz

      Scott…… You’re an IDIOT of note.

    • Malema

      Where do they belong? Europe? USA? Australia? where? Africa is the motherland of black people. A few people commit horrible crimes but that does not mean all Africans are like that. Nobody calls all Europeans Hitler or child molesters.

      • Illwill

        Hitler was 1 person. Black criminals are the majority. See the difference? Same with arabs, gypsies, kurds etc.

        Just because you don’t appreciate reality doesn’t mean that reality isn’t here.

      • Denise Forsyth

        You know why nobody calls current generations of Germans – Hitlers….because….wake up! they don’t behave like aids addled barbarians.

    • The k……s were happy living a peacefull life in their trees. Then the white missionary tried to fool them into thinking that they were not apes.

      • Denise Forsyth


      • Petrus Ponkiediel

        LOVE THAT!!

    • Bodhi Van Dante

      Blacks belong in Africa and all countries. Their savage behaviour does not.

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  • Karolina K

    Google “ghetto lobster”-“Urban Dictionary”, you will find pictures, it’s a form of punishment to hot water scald a child in a bathtub, I’m sure hospital emergency rooms are well aware of this… All cultures are equal…

  • JOhannes lindblom

    Ahh south africa a good look at the true nature of the n….r. Bring back the death penalty and apertheid. Let the n….s live with n….s and kill each other.

  • radix m

    RSA whites… one question: why are these subhuman savages still consuming oxygen? Do you expect your communist ANC government to honestly hand out justice? It is time to start doing what needs to be done.

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  • Ross Lloyd

    Hand draw and quarter the bastards! Holy crap! Degenerate mongrels. let me at them!

  • hmm

    Look at rape and violence statistics in the rest of Africa … sorry but its no wonder whites in south Africa wanted to segregate.

  • magdalena

    Dit is die ergste waT EK AL GEWEET HET! dAAR IS BAIE PLAASMOORDE,EEN VAN EEN VROU WAT MET EEN HEET STRYKYZER behandel is…waar gaan suid afrika heen?
    Doodstraf terug invoer is reg!

  • LandExpropriationWithoutCompensation

    how many unreported cases of pink boers killing Africans in their land? this is just nothing, wait and see when the masses finally decides to take their land back…

    • ts

      are you sure your name is not malema ?

    • donnersturm1933

      The negro beast is the only animal on earth to bite the hand that feeds them. If every single white left Aperica, and you never seen nor heard from another white near or far, you vile jackals from hell would die from starvation. Oh, sweet dreams.

    • Denise Forsyth

      Your land? How do you figure that one? Did you purchase it? Did you farm it? Did you develope it:?
      Did you do anything at all beside bleat and hold your hands out for charity……’we’re suffering’..bleat bleat bleat – make me sick.

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  • AMB

    May these tortured souls RIP. And may these savages die a horrible death. Die weel draai.

  • NTK

    I am a young Black proudly South African, I am amazed by the hatred my fellow whites are capable off, but anyway, no one invited them to Africa, if they cant stand the Heat of the continent, there is always Oz, Canada and all other countries that are willing to accept you guys, leave mother Africa alone.

    The one thing that will keep on dragging RSA backwards is denial by the white majority that they came here and rob, raped our mothers, still our land, and now they refuse to share the resources of this land with us.

    Aluta Continua

    • Tor

      You are completely wrong and racist. White people built South Africa. Without white people, South Africa wouldn’t be shit.

    • ts

      It is not that we dont want to share it is that we dont like to feed lazy people that think all you have to do is sit around breed like rabbits get pissed and the whole world owes you a mealtime a house and a company car

    • Pissed Off Asian

      I am a young Indian, PROUDLY FUCKING SOUTH AFRICAN. I was born here, and grew up here, as was my white fiance. AND YOU HAVE THE FUCKING AUDACITY TO TELL ME (and all those who aren’t black) THAT YOU ARE MORE ENTITLED TO LAND THAT WE WERE ALL BORN ON????!!!!

      You talk about the hatred towards the blacks by other races, what about the abhorrent hatred of the blacks to all who don’t look like them. Heck, your people, who you are so proud of, even have something against Coloureds, and they are HALF BLACK.

      You are right about one thing, no one invited them to South Africa, and I am sure that many of them are turning in their graves at the sight of what is happening to their descendants, but they are here now and have been here for a couple of generations, so grow up and realise that the world does not revolve around your people and that savagery is savage, regardless of who the perpetrator of the savagery is. Also, don’t forget that when the whites got here, your people were still dancing around in loincloths half exposed. Every nation in the world had advanced in it’s own way except yours. Every nation had developed some form of transportation over sea or land, while your people were still cattle farming and fighting with neighbouring tribes and villages. The whites left the Republic of Rawanda and we had the Rwandan genocide: black on black violence and murder. There’s a history lesson for you. Heck, even the medicine of other nations had evolved beyond superstitious muti, and today, black people have still contributed nothing to the medical community.

      We would LOVE to leave you to kill each other in your land, its just that thanks to you, our government and the state that the nation is in, most of us can’t leave. The education standards in our country are shocking and is part of the reason why many of us who WANT to leave this cesspool can’t.

      Also, the people not sharing the resources with the South African citizens are the people your people put in power. The countries economy is disgusting while our government officials drive around in fancy cars, buy new houses cash, go on extravagant holidays and continuously get married. This is all done with the taxpayers money, now ask yourself, how many of those taxpayers are black? And the last time I checked, all those government officials are black. Not a single white in power. So it’s YOUR OWN PEOPLE doing this. Blaming us for having an opinion and stating facts while claiming that your race is all roses and dandelions is an insult of the highest order.

      Also also, you are fucking stupid if you think that the majority of people in South Africa are white. Check again and you’ll see that the majority is black. Not white. There are more black people in this country than any other race. Now let’s talk about majorities. What your issue is, is denial by the BLACK MAJORITY that they don’t have the two brain cells needed to run a functional country, let alone have any amount of respect for what anyone does for them. They want everything handed to them on a silver platter without working for it, and when it’s given (because people feel sorry for them) they want more, and they’ll take it violently. We are one of the few (if not only) countries in the world who has beggars at robots (or traffic lights depending on where you’re from), a blatant show of wanting something for nothing. Most of those so-called poor people drive bmw’s and live in large houses, but they guilt the white minority into parting with their hard earned money so that they don’t have to do an honest days work.

      Let us for a moment look at the other races, because a lot of heat is being put on the black population. Also, I would like to make it clear: I have personally got nothing wrong with black people, some of my family is black, but I do have an issue with the way the black community handles things and the entitlement they feel towards everything.

      Indians: Came to this country as slaves. Built themselves up and most either own their own business, or have decent jobs due to being highly educated from foreign universities, naturally, some of them are bums, but if they are a “bum” they at least have a low paying job.

      Whites: Under the most pressure after apartheid, yet you won’t in a hurry see a white beggar. There’s the rare occurance, because even they have seen how profitable begging is, but it’s rare. Most of them have had to build themselves up from nothing like everyone else, and nothing at all was handed to them, yet a lot of the new generation white people are making some contribution to the upliftment of society.

      Coloureds: They do their bit and are hard workers. They generally will fight in a civilized manner for what they believe in and a lot of them possess some sense of a moral standard.

      Chinese and other foreign asians: Usually come into the country with nothing yet most of them start businesses or are involved in large corporates. You won’t see an asian beggar in a hurry.

      And again, in case it wasn’t clear before: THESE RACES ARE ALL A MINORITY IN SOUTH AFRICA.

      • Real

        An Indian calling blacks savages? You are the people who gang rape 5 year old girls.

  • afrocentric

    Screw all you white racists. screw all of you. i dont agree with what happened. these men deserve to die, not because they are black, but because of their inhumane acts. i read the article and was so ashamed for them, but then after reading all these comments, i believe that the “apes” that are incapable of rulling themselves should come and rape all of you and burn all your babies in boiling water because you sure as hell deserve it!
    God says we are all his children. so you guys believe that you are above God and will determine for yourselves who you think you are better than??? if we are animals, then why dont you all just pack our bags and go back to where you came from? Just go and leave us here to be barbaric on our own and kill each other.

    • ts

      Only your last sentence being barbaric is bang on

    • Denise Forsyth

      Surely we have learnt not to expect anything less than barbarism from savages? Why are we surprised???
      Please don’t insult animals by putting them in the same category.

    • Pissed Off Asian

      The only thing you said that had any value was that these men should be punished because of what they did and not because they are black. The rest of your post makes you no better than them and again shows that pathetic entitlement mentality. So we are being racist by stating what we see, but blacks can go on about other races any way they please?

      And like I said, we would love to leave the country, but thanks to the people in power (all black might I point out), we can’t as most countries don’t want us because of the tarnished South African name.

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  • Kramo

    These animals need to die slowly.

  • dame

    This is just so repulsive it is completely unbelievable. Kill them at once….

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  • Burnerjack

    As disturbing as this is, what is equaly disturbing is the complete lack of news coverage in the West. I can only assume the culprits enjoy censorship under the Racism umbrella. If the races were reversed, I would expect the crime to be front page news, worldwide just on the merit of how heinious it was. Is this really “equality”? Or is it “preferential treatment”?

    • Pissed Off Asian

      I agree with you completely. It’s disgusting how they laughed to the cells and happily admitted to everything. That kind of behaviour is seriously messed up, but they won’t get the coverage that someone like Ted Bundy did for example.

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  • Teno el serrano

    The thing here is, whites that live there on RSA, are RSA citisens and deserve that land as much as you black people, they didnt choose, if they could choose you can bet they would born in a white country.

    But,on thing i agree, africa to the african people, but with no help from the rest of the world, then my black friends, we would see the truth.

    Black people are unable to make civilization, they just like to live like the other animals, raping, robing and sacrificing animals for rain.

    What can i say…it’s blacks doing darkness.

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  • Brian

    This is why the guy in Norway went on the shooting rampage against WHITE LIBERALS and why he is considered a hero by many throughout Europe. Never forget who did this to South Africa. they were Communist Jews and their white fellow travelers. Never forget and never forgive.

  • Brian

    America on the same path…

    Google “Jewish Involvement In Shaping American Immigration Policy”

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  • mickey

    I agree with some of the statements. I do believe that they should be punished but I also believe that it is not our duty to do it. There are justice systems in place for that. The death penalty was taken away for a reason. That reason did not dissapear because we no longer know of it. I also know that justice will be served. If not on earth then elsewhere. Not all black people is like that. I work with some every day and sometimes there reasoning amazes me. I also know that there is white people worse than that. The family is now at a better place and in stead of screaming racism and blaming others. All of us should try to stand by the remaining family members who is still hurting because of this horrific tradegy. So in stead of harbouring these murderous thoughts rather pray for those who stay behind and for forgiveness for those who commited these crimes.

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  • vk

    Would it be possible scenario if South African whites will declare an independent area and somehow with politically correct tools keep negroes away from that area. And the next move will be to open the boarders for white nations. I believe that couple of million immigrants from Eastern Europe would not harm Afrikaans culture but at the same time they will help to keep negroes away for good because east europeans (ex yugoslavians, russian, polish etc) are not pussies like average whites from rich countries. They survive in difficult conditions and they can hold rifle when necessary.
    The situation would be comparable to Israel, which also is surrounded by hostile nations but so far they have been successful. And as in Israel all Jews are welcome – in that new White territory every white will be welcome.

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  • Joe

    Here in America, we have over 30 million blacks. There is plenty of black on white crime here, but mostly not reported in the media. Wherever there is black African DNA there is crime, rape, ignorance and violence, whether in Africa or wherever black Africans were taken during slave times, and we Whites are paying now for the mistake of slavery. The best hope is that AIDS and other diseases will wipe the K……s out all over the world!!

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  • frikkie

    Ok if read most of the comments on this specific article I am white and south african let’s get one thing sraite the reason this is being done is the Black majority is S..t scared of the white minority because they saw what we were capable in the bush war that’s the reason why people are being killed this way its to scare us but this is not the first time if heard or seen a killing like this it has happens Daily but the rest of the world never hears about It going back to the one comment when WHITE south africans came here all those years ago there was nothing here not even the wheel so please the only thing they are good for is to be chased into the see and to be drowned like the pigs they are keep on keeping on the WHITE MINORITY WILL rise again and this time. They will make hitler look like a sunday school teacher we will start at the bottom and end at the top af africa we stated it once and the world got scared this time we won’t stop

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  • bees

    blacks are NOT human! They are animals and belong in the bush…that isbwhat they are use to. How can this be allowed???????????? Sick fraks may you be raped in jail 10 times a day and die like your fellow blacks…AIDS!!!!

  • Silvermaven

    Fools. Don’t you know they are all sick and we all have the real AIDS?
    The 1 in 29 who suffer the lies of Autism is just a drop in the oceans of Syndromes and Psych disease they refuse to treat. It IS the REAL AIDS caused by Prion Proteins given in vaccines that cause the infections to now share at least 40% of their genes to hide. And they all need antibiotics for the real AIDS not immune suppression of antivirals that just kill them faster once the infections share their genes in prion synergy. The longer they let the criminals lie so they can continue to add even more infectious antigens to the mix the sooner the destruction of all man and beasts will be upon us. Because like they failed to see the real infections in prion synergy of all the syndromes and psych disease—they also failed to tell us what it takes to go very viral. Projected Autism incidence in 2022 is 1 in 9….When it gets below that there will not be anyone around to fix you as you suffer the real AIDS. They most likely don’t know why they are criminals anymore than the millions suffering the real AIDS know why they just have a Syndrome….
    The worlds leading expert of the real AIDS/PRION/LYME.

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  • adamite

    I wish our white brothers would move out of that hell hole called south africa and than they can do what they love to do to each other. I will not forget this behavior towards my brothers and sisters living in that scum of a nation.

  • Obiwan

    Bring back the Death Penalty. Unfortunately South Africa went down the toilet in 1994. Thanks world for forcing this upon South Africa in 1994. United States,United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and others…. All guilty of poking their noses into South Africa in 1994.

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  • Samantha

    you asshole,s i hope u die painfully and slowly
    for what u have done

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  • Anonymous

    The world is a sick place. People have all gone mad, killing one another and then trying to justify it.
    It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach to read and hear about all this hatred for one another.
    It seems that people do not believe or have completely forgotten that there is a Higher Deity and that we are all answerable for our deeds, every single one of them big or small. We are going to be held accountable and dealt with.
    Please people have faith, try to follow the commandments of whatever Religion you belong to and you cannot go wrong. It is because people do not believe in the CREATOR that things are going so terribly wrong. Killing has become the norm, and the more violent the killing the better.
    I sometimes wish it would all just come to an end now!

    • Afshin Nejat

      It will come to an end very soon. That part of the reason these things are allowed to happen. Unfortunately for you and many of the “disgusted and sickened” people here, it may not be to your liking to find out what your judgment status will be when it “all comes to an end”. You think this is a significant crime, yet no doubt you have ignored, or even scoffed at greater crimes. Your hypocrisy, and the hypocrisy of others here, is revealed by your overreaction to this one event. There are MANY such things going on in the world. Do you have enough pompous and self-righteous “disgust” for all of them? Are there any concrete actions you care to take out of your time or wallet or weapon to make anything happen or do you just type your “disgust” into a computer? Exactly.

      So when the END comes, you will be unpleasantly surprised to find out many things:

      1) The “CREATOR” of this world was an evil mind, and was destroyed eons ago.

      2) Among his creations was this world, and the “humanity” with which you so identify, guilty of all the evil crimes you are not disgusted with, as well as the ones you bother to let into your schedule of self-righteous disgust.

      3) You may find that you have been worshipping this “CREATOR” and are therefore guilty of being one his actual creations, and have been supporting him JUST BY EXISTING and taking up space, making this world continue to be a place of torture for Real Beings, Spirits who were captured eons ago and forced to incarnate as one of your kind over and over again. Now THAT is “disgusting”!

      4) Among all of you “digusting” humans here, many of you have said, in your private moments, many things indicating that you support this sort of activity, but have forgotten it because it is inconvenient to your pathetic egos, which can only willfully remember things which don’t make it look bad in its own eyes. On Judgement Day you will be forced to remember everything, especially the things you don’t wan’t to. THEN you will understand the meaning of why your suffering is just an “offset”. You will see that it was largely a self-inflicted suffering coming from your investment in EGO energy states (because you don’t have Immortal Spirits with a True Conscience) and because you fed your energy into:


      You have done all these things and more, many more, often just by “playing your part” as a cog in the wheel. Often just by laughing and mocking when someone SPOKE THE TRUTH about many evil and unjust things going on in this world.


      If you need an example, just wait until the next time that you do it, and PAY ATTENTION next time, and you’ll see why that on the day when ALL THIS ENDS you will ENVY THE DEAD.

      I have the right and confidence to declare MOST of you unfit for continued existence after this world ENDS, just on the basis of past lives you cannot remember now in your ugly egos, in which you yourselves have done GREATER crimes than these! I recommend past life regression and see if some of you weren’t at the butcherings, rapings, torturings and plunderings of history, now whining that such things are happening, forgetting (conveniently) how your past actions and current ones have begotten the very things you moan about (like hypocrites).


  • disgusted

    To all of you leaving comments. I’d like to thank all of you who have shown disgust and sadness regarding this tragic even. My family greatly appreciate your solidarity, yes Tony, Geraldine and Amaro were close family members and this whole ordeal has taken its toll on us all. Much more than any of you can possibly imagine unless you too have unfortunately gone through something similar.
    To those who left negative remarks I’d just like to say that THANK GOD you have not had to deal with a situation like this in YOUR family. It sickens me that you can defend or understand the rationale behind this barbaric act. To a certain degree you are worse than the criminals in your lack of compassion and understanding.
    I can honestly say that this family who lost their lives were GOOD and DECENT people who treated all with love, respect and great kindness and in no way deserved their tragic end.
    Not surprising, the murderers were supposed to be sentenced today but two of the three have requested new counsel so it has been delayed yet again. The longer this drags on the longer it will take for our wounds to heal, so I ask you, if you have nothing kind to say, don’t bother saying anything at all. Remember; Tony, Geraldine and Amaro had FAMILY!

    • Afshin Nejat

      It will come to an end very soon. That part of the reason these things are allowed to happen. Unfortunately for you and many of the “disgusted and sickened” people here, it may not be to your liking to find out what your judgment status will be when it “all comes to an end”. You think this is a significant crime, yet no doubt you have ignored, or even scoffed at greater crimes. Your hypocrisy, and the hypocrisy of others here, is revealed by your overreaction to this one event. There are MANY such things going on in the world. Do you have enough pompous and self-righteous “disgust” for all of them? Are there any concrete actions you care to take out of your time or wallet or weapon to make anything happen or do you just type your “disgust” into a computer? Exactly.

      So when the END comes, you will be unpleasantly surprised to find out many things:

      1) The “CREATOR” of this world was an evil mind, and was destroyed eons ago.

      2) Among his creations was this world, and the “humanity” with which you so identify, guilty of all the evil crimes you are not disgusted with, as well as the ones you bother to let into your schedule of self-righteous disgust.

      3) You may find that you have been worshipping this “CREATOR” and are therefore guilty of being one his actual creations, and have been supporting him JUST BY EXISTING and taking up space, making this world continue to be a place of torture for Real Beings, Spirits who were captured eons ago and forced to incarnate as one of your kind over and over again. Now THAT is “disgusting”!

      4) Among all of you “digusting” humans here, many of you have said, in your private moments, many things indicating that you support this sort of activity, but have forgotten it because it is inconvenient to your pathetic egos, which can only willfully remember things which don’t make it look bad in its own eyes. On Judgement Day you will be forced to remember everything, especially the things you don’t wan’t to. THEN you will understand the meaning of why your suffering is just an “offset”. You will see that it was largely a self-inflicted suffering coming from your investment in EGO energy states (because you don’t have Immortal Spirits with a True Conscience) and because you fed your energy into:







      You have done all these things and more, many more, often just by “playing your part” as a cog in the wheel. Often just by laughing and mocking when someone SPOKE THE TRUTH about many evil and unjust things going on in this world.


      If you need an example, just wait until the next time that you do it, and PAY ATTENTION next time, and you’ll see why that on the day when ALL THIS ENDS you will ENVY THE DEAD.

      I have the right and confidence to declare MOST of you unfit for continued existence after this world ENDS, just on the basis of past lives you cannot remember now in your ugly egos, in which you yourselves have done GREATER crimes than these! I recommend past life regression and see if some of you weren’t at the butcherings, rapings, torturings and plunderings of history, now whining that such things are happening, forgetting (conveniently) how your past actions and current ones have begotten the very things you moan about (like hypocrites).


      • NegroPlague

        Shut up you nut

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      My sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of, Tony, Geraldine, and Amaro; may they rest in peace in the bosom of The Father and find comfort therein.

      I am a Dutch man, well read, I think, regarding history. The boers who settled in South Africa found an uninhabited land, for the most part, with a similar climate to the one they left in the Netherlands. As the white settlers came to interact with the blacks of the area they eventually came to call them Kaffers.
      The word is somewhat derogatory in the Dutch language; but it denotes quite clearly what blacks are, in general. They are different and must be kept apart for the white man’s safety. Even Albert Schweitzer identified that the white man should never treat the black man as equal. He said it was a bad idea and he would have known, having spent a life time ministering to blacks in Africa who can not help themselves; being of simple mind and wanting to be praised for not sticking their eyes out with the fork you give them to eat their meal. There is a reason they eat with their hands. Blacks are still very primitive in their genes; which can not be bred out in a few generations.

  • tshepo hates whites

    white people are racist,the article states that the guys retaliated bad treatment,i know how it feels like to work for a white person,they treat you like a flippin dog,i find this justifiable.

    • Boer4Kleur

      How the hell can you justify this?Are you realy That stupid…someone treated me bad,so I’ll go to his house,as a grown man.and kill his child,like a coward. May these 3 idiots be shot down like the monkey-common sense they displayed and burn in hell..these young idiots born in the late 80’s,don’t know a fking thing about history, yet they want to cry oppression etc,a nd follow their boss-idiot Malema, put him in power, make him filthy rich, yet they are worse off than 20years ago.

      • Afshin Nejat

        Is this all you idiots ever do, say “are you really that stupid”? Get some new lines.

    • Fed up with liberals

      FU Azzhole!

    • jayjay

      the man that made this comment should be tracked down and drowned in boiling water.

      • Afshin Nejat

        You sound like a drooling idiot.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Ashamed I ever supported the anti-Apartheid struggle. Vermin like you should be kept under strict control and caged.

      • Son of Squidward

        No, jayjay. Not that. That’s going too far. Let him be deported to Africa so he can live in harmony with the rest of the feral blacks he adores so much.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You’re a sick sack of evil then. You find this justified? Your own eternal damnation will be too then. For all you know you vile worm, the “mistreatment” amounted to her shouting once about him having done something lazy, or stupid. But unless she had his family murdered, I have to question your sense of justice. Hell has a special place for you, enjoy it when you get there.

      By the way sh*t for brains. I am a “White people” and I’m also a close friend with many aborigines far blacker than you could be. I’m a Muslim convert and married to a Pakistani. So whilst you’re squatting on that rock in Hell, just rest assured plenty of “white people” will be living in harmony and happiness with their brothers and sisters of all colours in the good place. You’ll be kept with the vile racist ones yourself. You belong together.

      • Afshin Nejat

        It may not be “Justified”, but it is “offset”. If you are intelligent, you will understand the difference.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          To see anything except a gross and disgusting crime against humanity, would take a grotesquely distorted and wicked mindset and nothing to do with inteillgence. Gang rape, torture and triple murder. Without even considering the child’s undeniable complete innocence. You cannot “Offset” anything by such actions. You have sunk to the level of a vicious beast and worse because no natural animal would commit anything likened to this.

          Whether or not you are attempting to justify or “offset” this heinous crime it is a misuse of your intelligence which would have to be less than a rock to pretend any actions beyond some similar level of violence would even begin to justify their actions.

          It is precisely the mindset you express which has made people like me who in the day were among the most ardent supporters of the anti-Apartheid cause in the West; now look with dismay and shame upon what we contributed to after all. If I have any hate for you, it is hating you for making those ugly, racist and reprehensible white South African racists who so often spoke for the Apartheid state look today as if they were RIGHT!

          • Afshin Nejat

            Again, you show your abysmal ignorance. It is your “god” no doubt who condones such actions when it suits him, for is he not the God of the Talmud, who condones rape when it is a Jew against goyim? Yes it is. That same Allah is Yahweh.

            Anyway, your invective is based on ignorance and stupidity, about what justice is and is not, and what “consequences” are to actions. You are just like these people, which is what has gotten you so upset.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Abysmal ignorance? On the back of that confused grab bag of presumptive, bigoted misunderstood gibbering I think the self irony is cruel to you.

            My God? I don’t own God, Allah owns me. You appear to have the Talmudist Jews confused with their virtual opposite numbers, I am a Muslim. There is NOTHING in Islam which condones rape. It is absolutely forbidden and so too is torture. We are permitted to do the same violence to others which they do to us, but there is a limit, Muslims are forbidden to rape, torture or mutilate corpses. The Western backed Jihadists (Salafists) actually are not true Muslims but confused illiterates who have been misled by filthy, vile, hateful beast men. Close indeed to the Talmudists you are confusing me with.

            I am not the lest bit confused, little person. I know that there is nothing which these beasts (your evident heroes since you seem to see justice in their filth) has done which can in any sense, even that dirty Talmudist one you refer to, be called justice. It is just subhuman beast behaviour. Apparently something you aspire to.

          • Afshin Nejat

            Your “Allah” is dead. He died long ago. He invented all the evil religions on this earth, and those who were members, and still are members of these religions, have done far worse than this thing you are “digusted” with. And also your religions claim that all suffering is “just” in the eyes of your god, and further he has in mind committing far worse evils on those who don’t obey him, or who don’t join his disgusting religions, or who don’t bow down before his priests and their ignorant peasants like you. Look through history and see the fantastic smorgasbord of evil committed in the name of “Allah”, and then shut your arrogant hypocrite mouth.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            What a strange little being you are. The Creator is not dead. There is no death as such, even though all things change. I am absolutely more certain of the existence and nature of Allah, than I even am of yours. He has been an easily recognised part of reality for me for probably longer than you have been alive. A living, real and merciful presence. One who I rely on daily, One who has never failed to answer any request I have dared make, including over the last few years some very significant and miraculous things. He and everything about Him is beyond a dirt stupid and profoundly ignorant creature such as thyself to comprehend at this point but if you were to cease your slide into the mental and moral sewer even you could approach truth. You couldn’t begin to concieve of how much contempt I have for you when you write such drivel or how unimpressive you are appearing to be to any rational being.

            Men invented all religions, save one. Even then they have altered that religion many times. However the religion we call Islam has always been. Before it had a name among men, it was the same. The simple and infallible truth that there is One being, One central creative principle. There is no choice but to submit to the will of that One and to do anything else will be to perish, since all exists within Him. Satan is not His enemy, just something else which belongs to Him. Satan is our enemy. The enemy of man. You should know, since you are allies.

            You know nothing about my religion, or indeed any I suspect. No religion I know of says suffering is just, in such crudely comprehended style. Budhism teaches karma as a consequence of one’s actions, however it is not as all encompassing as meaning every suffering is deserved. Suffering is understood in Bhudhism as an opportuinity to learn, that is all. Like most religions however it points out that the suffering, even like the joys of this life are fleeting and there is a more important existence. Hence it teaches to lead a life which is good and just, so as to be well placed in the next stage of existence. A wise move I would have thought.

            The Abrahamic religions of which Islam is the final dispensation do not teach that suffering is just. That is nonsense. They teach how to live a life which should limit one’s suffering and the more people follow it, the less suffering will be for all. The swift rise of Islam into an Empire whilst it entirely brought peace to a part of the world which had never previously know peace, is the perfect example in point.

            God has committed no evil, He creates everything and free will is the order of the day. We get to play a role in a cosmic performance and I think that in a way Sentient life (which to me includes animals and plants and even extraterrestrial life) is Allah’s way of looking at Himself. We are His mirror. He doesn’t intervene to save the baby gzelle from the crocodile, both must eat.

            In Islam we have NO priests and NO man with any authority as such. We are not even permitted to bow down to any man or thing. There is only one master Allah and Islam is a personal one on One journey. Like I said you have absolutely no idea of religion let alone Islam. I’m a very well educated Westerner who in fifty years has been a Christian, a Budhist and after many years without religion I have become a convert to Islam. The only thing which never changed for me was ths ure knowledge of the existence of God the creator who I have been aware of since my teens at least, more sure than I even believed in my parents or sinblings existence. In the end everybody could be just a figment of one’s imagination. Therefore who can I find who is definitely NOT a figment of my imagination, besides myself? I found God and He is the same One who I have always followed, as I have come to know Him better and today as close as I’ve ever found to Him is Islam. I am sorry for anybody who has not got this relationship with their creator, but I cannot pass it on it has to be learned and earned. Calling me a peasant is an amusing strategy. I am already quite certain my educational level especially in science and literature and history would blitz you and my life’s experience, including in business (I have owned fireworks companies, electronic service businesses and today run and own a plastics moulding factory) .

            I don’t use the term peasants. If I did I would point out that I employ peasants, and are not one by birth, station or experience. However I count many “peasants” among my friends so am not too proud.

            I do not have to look through history to find evil committed in the name of Allah. This very day I see Evil of the most horrific kind I never expected to see in my life, being committed in the name of Allah and Islam. However that does not mean those blasphemers are Muslims, that they are doing the will of Allah or that Islam is evil. The fools who utter such mindless trashy garbage ideas, have a similar misunderstranding of theirt religion as you, because unlike true Muslims they do not treat Islam as what it is, a personal journey and inward Jihad first and foremost. These fools think it is an outward one, where Islam can be forced onto others or that it can judge others worthy of death. The fact is the Salafist terrorists of al-Qaeda infamy are illiterate mostly or just reactionary idiots likle you who follow ideas without any real understanding or committment, because they are mindless drones. We have them here in Perth. Young men with no real religion but who are being attracted by the talk of a (usually ASIO/CIA) planted extremist and end up being the ones to follow these pied pipers off to Syria and commit the worst crimes imaginable in the name of a religion they never even knew. Idiots like you I say, because like you they never opened a Quran and read it as we are told to. Allowing men to interpret the word of God is where it goes wrong everytime. So like I say we have no authority or priesthood in Islam. Every Muslim is permitted, even commanded to read the Quran and understand it, not to be told what it means.

            I already know far more about history, good and evil. I know much more about how Islam was brought to the Middle East and enlightened rules for the treatment of women as well as hygiene and humane rules for warfare…when the West was living in what are called the Dark Ages. That the Crusades organised by jealous kings and popes were just massive looting and pillaging missions against an initially peaceful and unprepared Islamic Empire at its zenith. How at this time they had no need of standing armies and how once they organised the Muslims fought back ferociously and honourably against a wicked and dishourable Western enemy. How once it was over the Islamic Empire was scattered and looted of a vast wealth of scientific and medical and architectural and engineering, astronomical knowledge. How it was this stolen wealth, which finally brought the West out of the Dark Ages.

            I am not only better educated about ancient but also about recent and contemporary history. Thus for you to spit out “shut up and go away” is the barrel bottom of pathetic puerile impotence. Especially after your empty headed, dirt stupid set of nasty, bigoted and inhuman posts.

            Lest this glarung irony be lost in the flow of words, far from pointing out how evil religion is you stupid little worm, it is you who is defending and justifying gross acts of violent evil committed not by religious people, but by vile Atheist sacks of satanic sh*t like you!

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker

            They were right.

        • Son of Squidward

          “Offset” is just a weasely way of saying “justified” without actually saying the word.

          • Afshin Nejat

            You will understand the meaning of “weaselly” when on the Last Day your attitude about this event will be proven to be mere hypocrisy, and puffed up ego. I don’t care one tiny shred of a bit what some human biological trash thinks of me or my words.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Drowning a kid in boiling water is not ‘offset’ or anything other than savage brutal murder committed by creatures; not human.

    • Son of Squidward

      Quit acting like a dog, and you won’t be treated like one. Simple as that.

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker

        ‘Call no man Master, not even the Messiah.’
        -Matthew 23, verse 8.
        Matt 23 is one of very important books of the NT.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Drowning a little kid in boiling water is ‘justifiable’, tshepo hates whites? You are kidding, right? Are you being facetious?
      But, then again, I suppose you are not, judging from your monniker.
      You hate whites because Jews taught you to hate whites; to look in the wrong direction for your oppression. Jews are good at blaming others for the terrible things they do. Look Whom they blamed for the torture death of Jesus Christ.

    • Quorra

      I’ve heard people complain about being treated badly by all manner of bosses … Indian, white, one colleague often talks about her poor treatment when working for a black woman. My colleague is black herself.
      I myself have been treated very poorly by a previous employer. I didn’t kill them though. I did however superglue they key holes on his car lol

  • greek boy

    White people just don’t get it. We’ve been colonizing the world for centuries and we still think that all the other races were created just to to be civilized by us. They don’t want to be civilized they just want to be left alone to run around naked and socialize with the lions. They see white people as intruders and demons who just want to steal their land and resources . So if you are smart leave while you still can.

    • Afshin Nejat

      Well, what you call “Civilization” really amounts to enslavement, or genocide, or worse. As to whether they want to “be civilized” or “socialize with lions” is beside the point. I’d rather be socializing with lions and running around naked than submit to the dominance of a bunch of demonic scum. A lot of Whites feel the same way.

    • NegroPlague

      I agree and send all the darkies back to where they belong

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  • jayjay

    the one savage even has a smirk on his face, oh how much i would like to wipe it off

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      38 calibre bullet between the eyes should do it.

  • Tosheba

    These people and those like them are nothing but evil, racial hypocrites.

  • Thaniel

    …Do all the political posturing you want but if you are white then there’s only one conclusion you need to realize….get the hell out of South Africa NOW!!!

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Oh, yes, indeed!!!
      Already a lot of doctors and other more wealthy white people have left SA. it is the farmers; tied to their land, who are getting it badly. I say forget the land and flee, NOW!!!

      • Watcher from oz

        Yeah white South Africans, get the hell out of South Aperica and leave it to the beasts of the field. It’s not worth staying there. Seek asylum in Australia where you are more than welcome.

        • Quorra

          Decision makers in Oz don’t seem to share your sentiments

  • Afshin Nejat

    Normally I would have felt pity and disgust. But this is all to often another tool of evil to extract energy from the Good. Deep questions need resolution here. What are Whites still doing in South Africa? What atrocities did they commit in the past so that their modern descendants would be vulnerable to such acts? What is the inherent evil of humanity so that it at the same time plays the victim even as it perpetrates evil on huge scales and in ways that make this look tame? Think about the Christians who massacred, raped, and pillaged the Gnostic communities in Europe and the Middle East, and then try to talk with a straight face about how “good” others are and how “evil” are those who happen to shine in the media spotlight.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Actually the murderers of the Gnostics were Jews in the robes of Catholic popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, monks, nuns, and friars. Remember, Tomas Torquemada, the most infamous Spanish Inquisitor, was a Jew. Gnostics, like Cathars, and other people desiring to live according to their own peaceful rules, are dangerous to Jews, whose ‘father was a liar from the very beginning.’

  • WhiteBoy65

    //iggers are the same savages no matter what continent they prowl on. They are an evil scourge to all mankind.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Not the primary scourge; that honour belongs to Jews.

  • kenfrombayside

    For the truth about the black reign of terror in the US, google: irateirishman, council of conservative citizens and newnation. These sites tell you what the press won’t. Visiting sites like these are an act of rebellion against the corrupt elite.

  • Real

    Vasco da Gama, Portuguese “explorer” whose trip around Southern Africa resulted in the a Portuguese invasion which destroyed African commerce and civilization in the Southern part of Africa. Whites are quick to claim that blacks are “savages”, but even the most cursory read of slavery in the Americas and colonization in Africa will reveal the real savagery — that of the Europeans.
    This is a horrible crime, and the real damage is that the souls of these young men were invaded by the white racist true savages who raped murdered and pillaged Africa since the 1500s.

    • bsmsnudge

      Yeah but prior to that it was other Africans murdering, pillaging and collecting slaves to sell to other Africans.

      • Real

        Sorry, you fail. The first university in the world was in Mali. Christopher Columbus stopped in Africa to pick up black navigators before his travel to the Carribbean. 20M Africans were displaced to the New World in the most horrendous conditions aboard slave ships. Show me the equivalent of the slave trade in Africa.
        I’ll wait.

        • mikeybythebay

          I did some fact checking and you’re wrong, Real: Pedro Alonso Niño was in fact of African decent, but he learned his trade in Spain. He piloted one of the ships in Columbus’ 1492 expedition, meaning he basically followed C.C. He did accompany Columbus on his third voyage, as did other navigators and sailors. Oh, and the first university is widely acknowledged to be the University of Bologna, Italy in c.1088 AD, followed by the University of Paris, and then Oxford. I will say that the conditions aboard a slave ship were undoubtedly horrendous.

          • Guest

            Yes, the British slave masters should know…

        • bsmsnudge

          The trade in African slaves to Arabs and other lands was well entrenched long before Columbus was even a twinkle in his father’s eye.
          Prior to the Europeans buying these people for slaves, the Beninese already had a well established trade under way. It might not have been on the same commercial scale as was seen when Europeans became involved, but it was an extant practice to divest themselves of captives otherwise they would be killed in what was known as the “Annual Customs”.
          The Europeans commercialised what was was already a thriving business, they were ready buyers from willing sellers.
          Scale in this instance is irrelevant.

          • Emmanuel Truthseeker

            Given how the history of the human race is being rewritten almost daily now, it would not surprise me to learn that there were universities over a hundred thousand years ago.

    • Justin Case

      I sure wish I had a time machine. I would go back to africa a few million years ago just after the smart ones left and moved north and then I would stake up the heads of all those dam savages that remained and made the world a better place.

      • NegroPlague

        Yea except that “Out of Africa” theory is just that, a theory. And it’s a load of crap theory that’s been disproven and was never even plausible.

    • Son of Squidward

      Yep. There we are, another sterling example of what I was talking about earlier: “don’t blame these poor feral blacks because once upon a time long ago Whitey was mean.”

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Always follow the money. Who controlled the money, even back then in the 16th century? Answer that and you will understand what happened in Africa. Stop blaming white people.

    • Watcher from oz

      No white in their right mind would rape a butt ugly black!

    • NegroPlague

      There was and is no such thing as African Civilization. The negroid animal is a stupid savage beast no matter what any race has done to it.

  • Venharis

    The only way to root this behavior out is by a proper public flogging followed by quartering. This goes for all countries and races. You get rid of the menace and you convince those sitting on the fence that society will meet this behavior with swift and unrelenting Justice.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Amen, Brother Venharis.
      We have to stop being spineless jellyfish.
      A great way to demonstrate the return of balls and backbones is to attend the 100th anniversary celebration of the Federal Reserve. The celebration is on Christmas Eve at the Federal Reserve Bank Building where a huge fire works display is planned. Come dressed in your finest and bring lots of coctails. Albeit it has nothing to do with blacks per se, but it will demonstrate the end of Jewish tyranny; the black question being part of all of that.

  • Justin Case

    A n!66er is a n!66er no matter what part of the world they infest. They are a plague that needs to be exterminated.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Don’t be so hasty, Justin Case. Some of them are still useful for the purpose they were intended. It is wasteful to destroy such a great resource. What needs to happen is the most retarded and violent of them are ‘rehabilitated’, while the docile ones are given meaningful work to do and recompensed appropriately. However, they must never be given the idea that they are equal to whites; in fact nobody should be given that idea. Non whites should never be given liberty in the true sense of that word, and not be seen as a brother; a friend, yes; but a brother, not. Whites are the Master Race and should be proud of that fact; however, that knowledge should not be abused but definately protected with deadly force, if necessary.

      • NegroPlague

        Wtf are you talking about, nIQQers aren’t needed for anything

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          They can clean ditches in chain gangs.
          They can fix up the homes of old people; under very strict supervision, of course.
          They can carry things, grocery bags and such.
          There is all kinds of work for the negro.
          They are good at making music; albeit its a bit repetitive and simple minded, but does have a place; other than that crap called rap and hip hop and such like; not really music; more like bad ass poetry set to hypnotic thumping; a very, very far cry from Mozart, John Williams, and Rachmaninoff, for example.
          Blacks are good at running a football; for those who like to watch an odd shaped ball passed back and forth.
          Blacks can toss balls in hoops effectively; for those who like watching basketball. But is that worth millions of dollars? A brain surgeon doesn’t make what a black man earns tossing balls in hoops. Very weird, that is to me.
          What else are blacks good for?
          They are excellent at degrading a neighborhood with their art form; graffiti.
          They are good at keeping the privately owned prison industry profitable.
          Blacks are awesome at the reinvention of English into gibberish called, Eubonics.
          Blacks can shine shoes….

          • NegroPlague

            Whatever man I don’t want any niqqers around me. I don’t ever even want to see one, unless I’m doing research on jungle monkeys and it’s a picture in an encyclopedia or something.

  • insignia37

    People like THAT will be left fully aware and conscious inside of their dead bodies after their death.

  • harryk300

    This is the problem as it can be clearly seen by some of these comments. Racism is a problem for all. Let’s look at this situation regardless of who did it. Torture and rape should not be tolerated from anyone. However it goes on and innocent people usually pay the price. I don’t know why however I can understand this. Whites have got a lot to answer for. Murder, rape, pillaging, stealing of lands and mass atrocities are still being committed these days by Westerners. I agree what has happened in this article is horrifying but what Westerners have done to the rest of the world in the last 50 years makes this story look look like a spec in the ocean in comparison to the amount of death and carnage that has been created by NATO and their murderous allies.

    • Guest

      NATO and their murderous allies are responsible for the carnage in South Africa too. So you are a racist. Why is OK to kill whites that had very little to do with the carnage they wreak? Only a consumate racist could argue like you do

      • harryk300

        Not sure where in what I have written I condone the killing of whites and racism. Maybe you should read what I said and then come back to me. I will help you because maybe you don’t understand what I have written. ” Torture and rape should not be tolerated from anyone”. You see friend, that is an anti-racist statement. Stick to the subject.

        • RM

          This white family was guilty of what? You’re an ass.

          • Son of Squidward

            Exactly that—in harryk300’s eyes, they were guilty of being white. You see, in his world, if a white person does some injustice to a black, then it’s “understandable” when–much later on—some random group of feral blacks unrelated to the original victim commits an atrocity against a white person or persons. You see how it is…

        • Guest

          That’s not what you said. You said whites deserve to die this way. Only a true racist would argue like you do and exonerate blacks

        • Defiant

          Maybe you’re just a troll. It’s the only way someone can so plainly be too stoopid to draw breath and still think they have a valid enough opinion that they should open thier mouths.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Anyone, white or black, yellow, green, or otherwise who tortures and murders an innocent person in cold blood deserves same.

      • Emmanuel Truthseeker

        NATO’s nose hairs are pulled by Jews.

    • Son of Squidward

      You’re saying it was “payback for Whitey” then. Nice.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Actually, Harry, let us put the blame not so generally on Westerners because that is so misleading. We know the problem lies with a global virus called, International Jewry; which believes their law is to, lie, cheat, steal, and even kill Goyim; which they have done and are still doing in great numbers because, ‘they enjoy it.’ Goyim are not Jews and being, ‘animals in human skin,’ can be exploited to suit the Jew’s needs; whatever that may be; slave, wage slave, cannon fodder, shiksas for pornography, children for organs, you name it; if it depraved, rotten, disgusting, filthy, anti-Christ, it is of the Jew, who loves the smell of roasted flesh.

      Blacks, being mostly retarded, are easily controlled by the Jews into believing they have some sort of primacy because the Jews have taught the world that human life began in Africa; the darkest of continents and that white man is the enemy, totally erasing the fact that Jews, Arabs, and fellow blacks enslaved the people who were shipped to NorAm, not whites. Black slavery has always been abhorrent because it puts white people out of work. However, the truth must be made known. Throughout history, white people have been more enslaved than blacks. In the United States before the Civil War, more black farmers owned black slaves than white people for the reason stated above; slavery put whites out of work. (cf: Dr. David Duke on the subject of black slavery).

      The French Revolution produced the sophistry of: Liberty, Fraternity, Equality; which is of course exactly as I said; a sophistry. We are not all equal, we should not all have liberty, and we are not all brothers, either.

      • harryk300

        Truthseeker. Some of your comments make good sense.

      • GodsOne

        “Personally, I think the vicious attacks on Afrikaner farmers stem from three things: recent history, African culture and radical left-wing ideology.

        During the ANC’s terror campaign in the 1980s, they not only placed bombs in diners and supermarkets, but they also buried limpet mines on farm roads, blowing up white families, as well as black farm workers. So this culture of terrorist violence has taken root and still
        continues by other means.

        Personally, I think the vicious attacks on Afrikaner farmers stem from three things: recent history, African culture and radical left-wing ideology.

        During the ANC’s terror campaign in the 1980s, they not only placed bombs in diners and supermarkets, but they also buried limpet mines on farm roads, blowing up white families, as well as black farm workers. So this culture of terrorist violence has taken root and still
        continues by other means.

        The second factor is not politically correct to mention, but it needs to be said that in traditional African culture there is a fascination with the power of horror and violence. A few hundred people are still murdered every year for body parts to be used in so-called muti or
        “medicine”. So mix terrorism with horror and you are on your way to unstoppable violence.

        The third ingredient is left-wing ideology or what Americans call “liberalism” which amounts to the same thing. There is a whole industry in South Africa, but mostly funded from abroad by Scandinavian governments and American liberal foundations, which advocates radical land reform and Soviet-style collectivist agriculture in our country. To them private property means next to nothing and they indirectly encourage some of these Einsatzgruppen to just go out and kill white farmers indiscriminately. They are dreaming of a brave new world without family-owned or privately-held farms and the murders suit them.

        Land reform and the propaganda around it are fueling ethnic conflict in South Africa which few outsiders are prepared to acknowledge, except the organisation Genocide Watch which looks at it more
        analytically in terms of other identity conflicts world-wide.

        There definitely is a risk of full-scale genocide in South Africa, although for the moment the organisation for that is largely lacking. At present it is more of a random process, driven by the three factors mentioned above.

        It is also important to understand that whites and blacks do not naturally hate each other. The current conflict is being driven by outsiders – Europeans, Americans and perhaps even Mugabe who has accused Mandela of being “soft on whites” – who will gain through a collapse of South African agriculture. They will be able to buy land, machinery and other agricultural assets on the cheap and so extend the neo-colonial hold that they have on our country already.”

    • GodsOne

      Oooooh Yeessssssss the “RACE CARD” , you have lost this debate before you even started, so now you whip out the race card! Nice one!

      Let me put it to you harryk300 that YOU and YOUR black race are MORE racist than whites have ever been??? Ever considered that. Look at your black history and ask yourselves why everything you touch goes to hell. Why? Because of black tradition, black culture of ancestor worship and cutting up babies for medicine and mad superstitions. Blacks NEVER contribute, they only take. If there is nothing left to take then they kill!

      Only Godly blacks who have Godly ways become successful. Only blacks who refuse to clutch onto this victim mentality, rise up and become something worthwhile in life.

      Go think about all this! I am right!

      • harryk300

        Godsone ( Is that really your name?) I will finish this off very simply. You are delusional and what you have just written has just proved how simple you are and you lack logic. NO You are wrong. I am a Westerner, only I have no problems with the rest of humanity and I believe everyone deserves a chance to a good life and that includes the love of animals.

  • harryk300

    When a man has no argument, he avoids the facts and resorts to name calling.

    • GodsOne

      Yep, and that is what I noticed also, the blacks simply regurgitate everything they hear their Marxist Socialist Communist leaders tell them and they regurgitate everything they hear the black Americans say (no black American you are NOT an “African American” unless you were born in Africa okay?) “we were slaves” and “we are still not free”, so our blacks emulate those Hollywood movies. When the movie “Full Metal Jacket” came out in SA, the blacks went ballistic, they re-hired it and stole the videos from the stores (because they can, they don’t have traceable addresses because the streets don’t have names, just numbers).

      Black South Africans only think what they are told to think, PERIOD! Only few are able to look at the fact that the white man gave them everything for free (including education, blacks burnt those schools down) and that there is a huge lot to be grateful for, instead of a slap in the face and a kick up the but and also the type of thing what happened to this dear child of God above!!!

  • True Israel

    Those devils should be executed after they confessed. There was no need for a trial since they confessed. If I had the authority over that, I would torment them to a slow and painful death

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Confessions do not matter. We know what they have done and we know they are guilty as hell; and therefore they should go there where they belong ASAP. The time has to be soon; the Devil is waiting and he is getting impatient.

    • GodsOne

      Does anyone know what their sentence was? Usually such terrorism in the name of “crime” is hailed as great bravery and the Communist fist is usually punched into the air in solidarity by other blacks. Then the murders may get a short sentence and then amnesty. Maybe the black president has a birthday and lets them all out of jail – or documents go missing and …and…and…

  • justbill01

    If Obama had a son………………………………………

  • Defiant

    Now now…they’re no different than us. If we had such terrible lives we’d be raping folks and boiling children too…Oh no…wait. We wouldn’t. We aren’t brutal monsters.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      That is because we are white and that is not in our genes.

    • GodsOne

      Hear, hear!!!!


    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      Amen, brother Badger.

      Either we go out with guns blazing or we’ll go out in all kinds of barbaric ways; beyond a white person’s darkest nightmares. Africa is not called the dark continent because the jungle hides the sunlight. It gave Joseph Conrad the jitters for very good reason; ooga booga.

      • GodsOne

        Ok then! If you want to fight then fight, don’t wait any longer, because while you wait tons of whites are being slaughtered in the most inhumane of ways – but bear this in mind first please:

        The opposition uses entrapment (they use white traitors for this also). You could end up in jail before you even get going.

        White Afrikaners / Boers are only 5% of SA demographically. The English
        will fight but only a small percentage of them, the rest are
        indoctrinated from birth by the black agenda. Remove two-thirds of those
        who are elderly, women, and children and what are you left with? Next
        to none! In 2011 there were 79% of black populace, and the ratio gap has
        widened due to black on white murder and white emigration, and also due
        to black overpopulation as a result of polygamy, rape and culture that
        says the more babies black men make the more virile they are.

    • GodsOne

      White Afrikaners / Boers are only 5% of SA demographically. The English will fight but only a small percentage of them, the rest are indoctrinated from birth by the black agenda. Remove two-thirds of those who are elderly, women, and children and what are you left with? Next to none! In 2011 there were 79% of black populace, and the ratio gap has widened due to black on white murder and white emigration, and also due to black overpopulation as a result of polygamy, rape and culture that says the more babies black men make the more virile they are.

      But, there is also more to this situation:

      It is also important to understand that whites and blacks do not naturally hate each other. The current conflict is being driven by outsiders – Europeans, Americans and perhaps even Mugabe who has accused Mandela of being “soft on whites” – who will gain through a collapse of
      South African agriculture. They will be able to buy land, machinery and other
      agricultural assets on the cheap and so extend the neo-colonial hold that they have on our country already.


  • abinico

    The whites are the invaders – this is what they should expect.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker

      The black man would still be living in stick houses smeared with dung if it was not for the white man. In Africa the black man scores on average, 25% below whites on IQ exams, whether the exam is made up by blacks or whites, it matters not. If the average black African was white and living in NorAm, that African would be institutionalized for being mentally retarded. (cf: Edgar J. Steele, Defensive Racism.) And now they are heavily armed; and in spite of having guns, still hack people to pieces with machettes, and boil kids in scalding water; they crucify cats and put burning tires around peoples’ necks.

    • GodsOne


      “There is a common belief in South Africa that the Natives Land Act of 1913 shoved blacks on reserves (‘7% of the land’) and ‘prohibited them from buying land in white areas’. That ‘whites forcibly removed blacks to these reserves and that these reserves were on the worst land in the country with no mineral riches and that whites kept all the best land and minerals for themselves’. Now if I was a black man, I would probably also want to believe that myth, because it would ensure me eternal victimhood status and compensation for generations to come. Unfortunately, it is a blatant lie and can be attributed to the lack of reading ability or legal comprehension of the journalists and historians of our time. First of all the biggest Platinum reserves in the world runs through the former Black homeland of Bophuthatswana (North West province). The former Nationalist government had no problem allocating this area to the Tswana tribes for self rule – although they already had a massive country called Botswana given to them by the British. It was originally part of South Africa, called Bechuanaland. Blacks further got another two massive countries from the British called Lesotho and Swaziland. There goes their 7%.

      Read the rest here: On Land Ownership in South Africa – myths debunked!topic/soc.culture.south-africa.afrikaans/GKe7nKtJxUQ

  • thebertman

    Blacks are the lowest form of apes on the planet. Uncivilized animals and do no belong on this earth. Blacks cannot be taught to live like humans. Here in amerika it was a great country before the liberals gave them their civil rights. Now we have an ape in the whitehouse.

  • harryk300

    For those who don’t understand the english language then I will repeat what I have said with simpler to understand words. Here we go:

    Torture and rape should not be tolerated from anyone. WHAT I AM SAYING HERE IS THAT NO HUMAN BEING SHOULD GO THROUGH THIS. NONE. WHITE OR BLACK:


    Whites have got a lot to answer for. Murder, rape, pillaging, stealing
    of lands and mass atrocities are still being committed these days by

    • GodsOne

      Harryk300: You are a plain liar! Innocent and intelligent blacks have been interviewed BEGGING for apartheid and the AWB to come back:

      Black man says: Bring back Apartheid

      Black Farmer
      speaks good about Eugene TerreBlanche at his funeral

      How Blacks of South Africa had it better under White Apartheid

      • harryk300

        Seriously, if we are going to go any further with this discussion then could I ask one thing. Why do you call yourself Godsone?

  • Sueychop

    Why ANY whites still live in South Africa is beyond me. Come live in Australia!!!
    There are many poor whites who can’t afford to leave, but the ones who can do it must leave.

    • GodsOne

      Affirmative Action and BBBEEE have resulted in one third of all Afrikaners and 30% of those being English in legal shanty towns:

      *Nüremberg laws
      of the Nazis of Germany: comparison to the ANC-regime’s broad-based black economic empowerment laws – both regimes made laws
      barring whites from the job market, from land-ownership rights, from
      business-ownership rights and even from rights to access government
      social-welfare structures: the poor whites are even denied government food-aid
      in South Africa.

    • Guest

      Ozzie leaders sound terminally PC and stupid to me. You’re heading in the same direction

  • Visitor

    A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies, an eyewitness account by Bartolome de las Casas. All there needs to be said about European savagery against those of a different hue.
    What saddens me though is that the Europeans, through slavery, colonialism, oppression, propaganda, greed, and cunning have transferred their filthy ways to Africans and other cultures. Had Marco Polo not gone to Asia and discovered gun powder, European exploitation and its depredations could have been fought off. This killing is what Europeans did to villages in Africa, Phlliippines, Viet Nam, Hawaii South America, and the Caribbean. The only difference is that the boy would have been raped, as male anal sex was (and is) a common sexual practice in Europe as we see from the Roman Church.

    • GodsOne

      Oh my Gosh – MORE anti-white lies! It never ends! I am so tired of the black Marxist Communist Socialist propaganda and lies that the black leaders have for generations been shoving down the masses. For once tell the truth man. Blacks have a lot to say bout whites, they take and take and take and never give back and when there is nothing more to take then they kill, – and not with a nice neat bullet in the head, oh no, its got to be a gross death, where they can watch the whiteys screaming until they die!!!!!!!!!!!! Google “Blood Sisters” and read how blacks kill INNOCENT whites in South Africa!

  • grp61

    Black represents Evil, enough said !

  • harryk300

    Godsone. You’re not making much sense. You’re making statements that you can’t back up.. Maybe you are upset with your life and eat too much junk food. I bet you watch too much TV. You haven’t understood one thing I have written about which means you cannot be helped.

  • dannyboy71

    There seems to be a lot of blacks killing whites in SA. The whites should do their own gardening!

  • Matt

    Most of you only preach the same the hatred that these murderers acted out. That train of thought is passed down from generation to generation and will never die because it is our animal instinct to dominate. There is way more racism than white on black crime we know this. Puerto Ricans hate Mexicans, Mexicans hate Guatemalans, the list goes on. But blacks and whites get all the attention. There is good and bad people in every race, religion, and country on this planet. It’s the ignorance that is inbred and passed on to the children forming another generation of ignorance. That’s why we can’t move ahead and become more “civilized” as a species. You want to know why it never gets better? Look in the mirror.

    • Guest

      I only saw Matt in the mirror

    • Newsanchor

      excellent comment, bravo!

      • Guest

        MSM newsanchor? That would explain your disfunctional logic. If everybody hates, how does civilization advance? If ignorance is inbred, there’s no hope for the next generation, is there? Whites aren’t that backward, that’s why their countries are pleasant to live in. Ask the immigrants

        • Diavolos

          but there IS a hope, it is called racial segregation. Whites will live peacefully and blacks will probably die out of starvation due to inability to produce.

    • Kareem OfWheat

      Perhaps blacks cannot move ahead and become more civilized because of the FACT that the average BLACK IQ is a retarded 85??????

  • Sidra

    My heart and prayers are with the child who suffered such a cruel death. Those who commit such crimes are monsters…….and these particular monsters were created by years and years of cruel evil white hatred and racism against blacks due to their skin color! Doubt it not. How many black children do you think have been murdered over the years by racist whites? How many other acts of cruel racism against blacks do you think white have committed but never brought to justice, because whites get away with their crimes against blacks more often then not. How long do you think blacks would put up with this BS before some of them lose their humanity in their anger and despair and became the monsters they now are? Racist whites also need to take the blame for this crime! Whites persistent racist BS will do nothing but perpetuate more of the same. Wake up everyone, please. We are all brothers and sisters in reality.

    • Guest

      Another foolish argument to exonorate blacks: “How many black children do you think have been murdered over the years by racist whites?” There are no examples of whites doing this to blacks. Thus finding an “excuse” for their behaviour is senseless. There is no excuse. Blacks do this to their own people too. They are cutting off body parts for “medicine” as we speak. Why do you you think Africa is such a sh!thole? They do this in countries that never “suffered” from apartheid.

    • PB

      So, are you saying this is “just desserts” for White people? They are no brother/sister of mine. None of them.

    • Diavolos

      So these people were aware of “black children being killed so they retaliate”.

      Let me tell you something, all the blacks who were accused of wrongdoing turn out to be true… because look at them, they can’t help but do crimes. You think the black people were a peaceful species during the old days? Just because they had no rights you think they behaved?

      they acted like animals from the first day white people found them, this is why they mistook them for missing link.

      And then one day they decided to turn them into humans and we see everyday how this fails.

    • Frank

      sidra, you are obviously the stupid one in your family. Go shove your shyte up your mommies behind.

    • Janine Montgomery

      I can’t believe what I’ve just read. I lived in South Africa my entire life Sidra (thats almost 32 years) and the white racism you are speaking of is something that existed a very long time ago. Modern white South Africans may still have retained some of the racism in their minds, but certainly not to any violent extent. Violent crimes against the white population have far exceed that of violence against blacks (i’m talking about now, this present time). If you are justifying murdering innocent people because of events that happened in the past then you are no better than they are. YOU DO NOT MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE OUT OF REVENGE! What’s wrong with you? The only people to blame are the people on trial – not history, not past events, not other people. Your mentality is what’s wrong with that country, placing blame on people who had nothing to do with apartheid. Before you comment so idiotically on the social status of a country I suggest you learn a bit more about it and keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself.

  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    Should have hung these b@stards.

  • Darrel Winchell

    The only way whites and niggers can get along with each other is on separate continents !

    • David

      try separate planets.

  • genesis667

    If you ever wondered what satan looks like—There ya go!

  • BB

    It doesn’t matter if you black or white anyone who is so barbaric & sick deserves to die.
    I just hope to god that they are raped & murdered in jail.
    How brain dead do you have to be to murder a child in such a brutal way.
    I wish there was a under ground society that took scum like this out.

  • Ross

    Why the cover-up in the SA news media?
    I have just posted on it on our conservative expat blog in Jakarta

    • Triumph

      That’s because the blacks are too afraid to let it get out. The have totally destroyed a once beautiful country to the point where it is no longer safe to live there for blacks or whites. A very good friend of mine (John) had a mate killed by 3 blacks in his own front yard as he climbed out of his car. He was dragged out of his car, kicked to the ground and as they got into the car to steal it, he looked up and they shot him in the head in front of his wife. What did they get for this heinous crime, NOTHING, the courts let them off as disadvantaged youth and THE COURT tried to claim he attacked them. What a joke, the courts are supposed to be impartial and here they are mounting a defence on behalf of the accused. If there was oil in this part of Africa, the yanks would be there in an instant and sort this crap out.

      • PB

        These days, I doubt the Yanks would deal with it. They have so many opportunities to deal with their own infestation at home, but they never do, in fact they treat them like cultural gods.

  • Chris

    Look up the Jews behind communism & White genocide.

  • Chris

    White people better learn to follow the laws of THEIR God Yahweh unless they wish to continue to suffer the consequences. Living separately (Apartheid) is Biblical law and not having them in your houses raising your children for you.

    Amos 3:2

    And get over being labelled a racist by “beasts of the field” & the Canaanite Edomite Jew trying to genocide you.

    christogenea . org/

    brotherryan . com/

    • bobfairlane

      Yahjew and curstianity are what opened the door for the negroes and jews in the first place.

  • Revenger

    they will die with red hot poles being shoved up their asses while they are forced under boiling oil!

  • Revenger

    We will wait for their release, we won’t forget!

  • Revenger

    what the law refuses do, we will enforce!

  • Revenger

    That is how savage barbaric animals must be treated

    • susandaytoday

      Animals would not be so cruel actually this behavior is from their daddy satan

  • Revenger

    Petrus Radebe, Sipho Mbele and Sphiwe David Motaung, laugh all you want now, but your days are over! Just as you treated defenseless victims, so you will be treated and die slowly, painfully and without mercy!

  • trigon400

    These stories involving savage attacks by the chimps that some gullible white people call “humans” are why you will NEVER disarm US citizens.
    By the way, why the hell do some people still insist upon living in Africa!?!
    It’s tantamount to existing in a monkey cage & expecting not to get hurt, raped or killed.

  • whthfk1

    Yet we hear nothing of this in the states and we have a Black President who care less.But will go to war to get his Sunnies buddies in power across the Middle East. Imagine if the race had be switched .

  • Kareem OfWheat

    GEE, these nig nogs have not suffered slavery (the boogies favorite excuse for their chimping), so , what’s their excuse???????????????????
    Libtards , care to respond?????????????

    • fmf

      Sure. Are you still such a racist ignorant asshole a year later? You know race doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game, we could just ignore race and condemn all criminals equally.

      • Satan

        Except they’re 200% more violent. The nasty 1/5ths that is. And you avoided answering his question you ignoramus libturd.

        • fmf

          Hi it’s four months since I made that comment. Look up “convict leasing” in the aftermath of the 1865 Amendment for more about the crime statistics of people of African descent.

          Also, it might be interesting to you to look at the capitalist origins of the US slavery system, and how it intersected with religion, when lifetime indentured servitude started being forced on black people and non-Christian people from 1662 to 1705.

          Tbh, I didn’t know this when I commented, I just felt it was unfair to suggest that all crimes reflect on racism, sometimes there is no excuse, same as if these criminals were any other race. Violence happens in all colours, we know this.

          • Ciska

            Obviously you don’t read books(?). The civil war between the North & the South WAS not about slavery, it never was. It was because the the South wanted to brake away from the North, same as in South Africa. If someone else keeps on telling you what you must do, how you should live, where you can work, etc, anyone will get pissed off. Why do you think we as white Afrikaners don’t want to live in this multicultural hellhole? And, by the way, a small portion of whites own slaves, NOT ALL the whites of the South, and MANY MANY blacks own themselves black slaves, and it was NEVER intended (by the powers to be AND Lincoln) that blacks were ever to be a white mans equal, they wanted them to be sent back to Africa. So, the truth has many shades.

            As for these bantu savages, read blocks and the alternative media on the net, they are and will always be savages, even if they drive in a flashy car and eat caviar. That is a fact and NOT racism.

  • Typical

    “The accused will be sentenced on 6 September. As the death penalty was
    abolished in South Africa, they will probably get lengthy prison
    sentences but could be out on parole within five to ten years.”

    Why do you think they were smiling?

  • hope mary

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  • This is the future of Sweden, the UK, and eventually the United States. If you disagree, you’re a fucking moron.

    • Why?

      • LaQueefa Matumba

        Because we are importing them here

    • TIL I’m a fucking moron.

      • Diavolos

        Then you should go live with these people, eventually you will be another black on white statistical data that we can all happily oversee for the sake of racism.

        • They live in my house, and I’m not dead yet.

          • Roberto Lindarro

            Yeah, because you are protected by police. But who knows about the future.

      • Roberto Lindarro

        You sure are

    • susandaytoday

      It has already started here a long time ago in the USA . My friends dad was stoned to death in the housing projects and he was doing his job of exterminating bugs. His only crime was being white . Late 1970s . Our country is very very sick and promotes racism and crime .

  • Nobody

    Just look at them….

  • Sakki333

    Vat hulle families en kook hulle ook in warm water

  • swank_ZA

    This disgusted me to the core. SA needs to reinstate the Death Penalty!

  • Jas Moodley

    Disgusting! These are not human beings and as such do not deserve any constitutional rights afforded to human beings. No words can describe these barbaric idiots. This isn’t a race issue, it’s simply put barbaric Inhumane thoughtless beings that should be given death by torture. How dare they take a families life! If u can’t see or value a breathing human being then there’s no place for u in this world. I vote for a government that will care! A government that sees this for what it is. Let us stop protecting those that harm. We are heading for war as fed up South Africans decide to take the law into their own hands since the authorities and people of power won’t do do anything suitable. To the cops that catch these killers, I feel for you as you risk your life to protect but have nothing to show as the courts let these men back out. The system is not working, it hasn’t worked, it won’t work. Wake up and realize this before we are all crying over someone we love. Take back our streets. Take back our lives. Fight or we will!

  • Lynn

    Bring back the death penalty!

    If only for these 4 … I remember reading about this when it first happened but they did not go into detail. To smile in court after you have raped and violated a woman, then killing her in cold blood, murdering the husband, not just killing the family dog but disembowelling it (come on this is twisted) and then drowning a 12 year old boy in scolding water…..they are sick! They should never be allowed to ever walk among society again. My post has nothing to with race, it has to do with their violent crime…what these guys did and they have no remorse….so we should show them none! 5 to 10 years in jail is just not good enough!!!!

  • Charlie Massey

    I don’t know what is sadder. The shocking, horrific, terrible plight of these poor people, the fact that one human being can inflict such evil and suffering on another … or the comments section that shows that with most humans the veneer of ‘civilisation’ is indeed very thin. .. and that many of us are closer in mind to the perpetrators rather than the victims…

    • Sailor Sharkey

      Then maybe it is time to stop classifying the blacks of SA as human. It their veneer that seems to be the thinnest of all.

  • Jp Webber

    brilliant headline trying to make it a race issue!
    do you put white priest molest kids? or white male caught with child porn?

    • EvenSo

      It is a race issue!

      • Marlene Black

        I had a thought the other day: suicide or assisted suicide is committed, I would say is an act of kindness – when life becomes unbearable one releases the sufferer from unbearable and anguish – an act that is carried out with the utmost love and caring. The person who assisted the dying patient is charged with murder and incarcerated.
        However, when these thugs decide to torture and kill someone in the cruelest way, they are in many instances not even arrested and the brutal killing goes unpunished. So, in summary, one may not kill oneself, nor assist a loved one to die but a thug may kill you, because in this country, nobody cares.

    • Ciska

      But it is a RACE issue! Why can’t I as a white NOT make this a race issue if the bantu’s in Africa, and african american’s make everything a race issue? Here is South Africa it is a RACE issue -from the president of this country (that sings “bring my machine gun to kill the boers”) to the lowest paid cleaner (sings that “they stole our land”) wants / will /do attack; always black on white – NOT THE OTHER WAY around. Go google “farm murders” and see what we have to put up with. This is savage brutal torture, rape and then the killing after hours of hate and hate – not even an animal is that horrible!!!! No sir, you is so far gone that while you’ll die at these savages hands you will still say it is not about race; your poor sot…

      • Char

        That is stupid!! Educate your self…. This is not a race issue. This is sick people, and that thought eggs on these sick people

        • Woodsman

          So no matter how many times this home invasion/gang rape/torture/murder scenario happens to a white family in South Africa at the hands of blacks, it still isn’t about race. Bullshit. Oh and please contact the international watchdogs at and explain to them how these crimes are not racist in nature. They really could benefit from your profound insight.

        • Sailor Sharkey

          You are either black or burning coal. One day you will stop posting and on that day we will all be satisfied that you paid the ultimate coal toll.

    • Roberto Lindarro

      STFU, this has nothing to do with child porn, this is a racially motivated hate crime. But now that you mention it, I think SA has one of the highest rates of child rape in the world. Something about them believing it cures AIDs.

  • Tishanka

    Death Penalty!!!! This is not a race issue, this is a bunch of terrible people.
    They come in White, Black, Indian, colored, pink, purple and yellow..


    How cruel can they be…im no racist…but this is so safistic..they must hang them.. i know not in SA.. take them to Botswana.. they will hang them… i cant talk whzt they did…cause its TOO heartbreaking….

  • Antonio

    It troubles me that US as humans, always want to bring in RACE. This is a heinous act and no one should have had to go through that white or black. I read the comments and it baffles me in the thinking of some of you individuals. I heard stories from older generations of how white men would rape black women. Even slavery, when white people would hang a black man, then burn him. They would even let the dogs eat them. I say all that to say this…there are wicked people no matter what your skin color is. We need to do a better job as coming together as human beings and not always trying to pull the race card. My heart goes out to both the victims and the attackers. Both sides families will be affected by this terrible crime. This is a perfect opportunity for people to come together and pray for one another.

    • Roberto Lindarro

      Prayer is useless, piss off.

      • hein

        Prayer is not useless you need to pray or let someone lead you to the Lord I pray and go to church every sunday and wednesday.
        And you need to stop bring the christains down if you dont belive in the power of praying then there is no hope for you.
        What these guys did is wrong and they will pay for there sins just like you will by bashing the Lord and talking against him.
        I’ll keep you in my prays Roberto. God bless you and be with you.

        • MostUnclean

          Yes sit back and pray like the good christian you are. We have all seen what prayer can do for you. Hahaha “the power of praying”!?? You are insinuating that there are actual results from praying. “Ill keep you in my prays Roberto…” -Typical self righteous christian response, just after you said God will make him pay. You forget most of all the atrocities in the world were done under the Christian faith, or did you conveniently forget that?

          No one will punish these men except the men and woman whom take it upon themselves to do so. Praying is just your way of doing fuck all and feeling better about yourself. Where was God in any criminal matter? Is there something I don’t see that you do? Because I am pretty sure it is ordinary woman and men who prosecute these animals.

          Race related? – I think people forget that there is a significantly larger amount of black people in SA as opposed to white people. So statistically, its a fucking guarantee that there are going to be black on white crimes all the time, BUT even more black on black crimes. Does anyone really believe that these men are only violent against white people? The propensity to do such horrific crimes as these is not limited to race.

        • Woodsman

          I wonder if the father prayed that the mother would not be raped to death and murdered by sadists? I wonder if the mother, while being gang raped, prayed to a merciful god that her child might live? What do you tell a child that has witnessed his mother gang raped and murdered about a merciful god as he is being drowned by her rapists?

        • Corvus Raven

          One pair of hands actually doing something achieves more than a thousand pairs of hands clasped in prayer!!
          You can pray for me too and I will dance naked in the forest for you….

        • Sailor Sharkey

          You pray hein(ous) while I take a blow torch to the genitals of these three sub-humans.

    • mxming

      i agree antonio.. racists are small minded.. people of all color do disgusting things. there are as many white murderers/criminals as there are black.. with racist attitudes we wont go far

      • Woodsman

        Oh I see, South Africa isn’t #1 one in rape in the entire world, and #2 in murder. I get it, Switzerland is just as bad right, because you know, white people are just the same. Name the president of any white country that has led a crowd in singing “shoot the blacks” in the way that Zuma has done with singing “shoot the boer.” I eagerly await your answer.

  • JoOverall

    What bothers me is that headlines like this breed racism. It encourages further racism. No matter what colour the perpetrators or victims, they were horrifically murdered and the guilty need to pay.

    • Johnny McCallum

      Are you suggesting that the truth not be published?

      • Tarrin Lee Nel

        Or maybe she is suggesting that the truth shouldn’t be twisted to suit an agenda. The agenda here is drag black people through the dirt to make certain white people feel validated in their hateful feelings towards black people. Thugs are thugs and do horrible things regardless of their race or the race of their victim. Unless the thugs said that their motive was based on hatred for non blacks it is not a hate crime. That is the truth. Not this crap. A terrible crime was committed with no evidence for racism as a motive. End of story. Crimes of hatred do happen in South Africa and every country and every race is guilty at times and every race is victim at times. This is not one of those times.

        • Marius Erasmus

          How can you say it was not a race related, because the animals didn’t admit it was? Your liberal logic make me sick! Of all the content you could comment on you choose to defend racism.

        • Woodsman

          Yes of course, I have yet to see one of these home invasion/ gang rape/torture/murder scenarios carried out by blacks against white where “racism” was the motive. No matter how often it happens or how well established the pattern, we must never deduce what is rather evident. Singing “kill the boer” is also not evidence of racism I hear. Face it, their racism is as real as your cognitive dissonance. I bet Amy Biehl is one of your personal heroes, and incidentally, her killing was also “not racist.”

    • HairyOne25 

      What a load of crap! The truth hurts, doesn’t it?!

    • Char

      I totally agree, it is not a colour, race thing. White people do the same horrific things. They are guilty and they do need to pay the price. I personally think the death penalty is far too kind for these people. They need to spend LIFE in prison, and fend for what is going to be thrown at them.

    • Roberto Lindarro

      Oh yeah, we should just hide evil deeds from the light of day. Makes perfect sense. We should hide their identities to protect them…whatever.

    • TwoFletch

      you, sir… are bat shit crazy.

  • Johnny McCallum

    If it weren’t a race issue they would not have drowned the young white boy in the manner that they did.

    • gailnowaczyk

      Race or not the Black thugs would have drowned the White Boy just because. Bo matter what color or race they may be. No one has the right to take a life and then smile and get away with it. Hang these little Bastards by their privates until DEAD.

    • gailnowaczyk

      Must be an Obama lover. Its only race thing if and when a Black is being hurt. whites is NOTHING. Blacks have the go ahead to do as they please and get away with it.

  • Clipper

    Anyone who does not support the death penalty is a murderer and rapist and should be hunted down like a rabid dog


    For their souls is mine says THE LORD, They will give reason for their doing on their knees… and I will cast them into a pit of fire to burn for all eternaty so says my LORD, JESUS CHRIST. and even if they repent by everything that is holy they will be outcast.

    • Jim Anderson

      As evil as these men are, Jesus would never turn anyone away from repenting..I hope these men get what justice they deserve but pray they come to know the love of God and turn from their evil ways..Also I pray for the family of these people they tortured and killed that one day the pain will diminish and they find peace.

  • winifred ann watson

    By the looks of things these thugs look like they enjoyed themselves and have no regrets. I hope prison gives them what they deserve and more.

    • bart8211

      lol, prisons there are full of similar subhumans. Nobody hurt them

  • Shanski

    were killed in an attack by the family’s gardener Petrus Radebe (24), Sipho Mbele (21) and Sphiwe David Motaung (20). A fourth black person, a minor whose name was not published and appartently the son of Petrus Radebe, also participated in the attack. All four admitted their guilt on all charges against them. – ummm, am I missing something? Minor, son of a 24 year old participated??

  • NeurenPietersen

    I would like to know what reason they have for acting in such a despicable manner.

  • KeepItReal

    Fill a pool with boiling water. Strip them naked.Tie their hands and feet. Bend them over. Let some horny animals screw them in the a$$ over and over. Then push them into the pool. And smile.

  • HairyOne25 

    Penny Sparrow was lambasted for comparing the litterers with monkeys, but then these *&$% are allowed to roam the streets and rape and mutilate and kill us? F*ck, ek word sommer AWB! Bliksems! Uitvaagsels!

  • Roberto Lindarro

    THey should all be killed out of hand. Drawn and quartered, hanged, burned alive.

  • Lucinda

    Of course this is ALL racism!!! Please I ask you generously to show me any article relating to white men or woman doing this unthinkable, horrific act on black people in the 20th century! Lets compare the statistics then!!! Why should we be paying for things that happened ages ago?? We ALL want to live in piece and be safe! Bring back the death penalty is just worthless words uttered, it will NEVER happen in South Africa. They may sing Kill the Boer as many times as they want but if we just say the word “black” man/woman we are racists! I am SO TOTALLY SICK of all this BULL SHIT in this country. Join the group “GATVOL VIR MISDAAD” and you would be shocked about what is really happening in our beautiful country! I know of someone that’s house got broken in to. The man that works in her garden were forced to rape her. When he could’nt do the act they (3 black men) raped her and burned the mans private parts and stabbed him. She was hanged and left to die!!!! #siekensatvirdiekak

  • Christiaan Bothma

    Cut off their balls and arms let them suffer …………….

  • HughRobinson

    Government will tell that this crime was not racist or had racist undertones But they they hardly leave witnesses do they?

  • mxming

    this story is so incorrect its not even funny.. first of all,, the picture at the top is related to a totally different story, and if you actually took the effort to google this story, you would see there is no mention of a dog being disemboweled.. the boy was also not drowned in boiling water.. this article does not have its facts straight.. where does this website even come from? the US? i would suggest if you want to read South african news, read it from south african news websites.. not shit like this that change a story up to entertain people and attract racists, there is enough racist situations going on all over the world, this is not needed. The heading alone shouldnt be what it is. unfortunately this family was tragically murdered. whether it was a racist crime or not that no one knows but the disgusting untrue “facts” mentioned in this story is sad! people really should’nt believe everything they read on the internet…

    • HarD

      I agree that this is an old story but it is pretty accurate. And yes, the dog was killed by slitting its stomach open. The “boiling water” is not exactly correct – it should have read “scalding water”. If you look at the story from the UK paper – the Daily News it is correct. However, if you go to News 24 – they have watered the story down so much that little of it is believable. This is, of course, to not accent and highlight the violent murders of white people in South Africa.

      Mxming, it is one thing to rob a house and quite another altogether to torture and murder the occupants in this manner, do you not agree??

  • Cheryl Pieterse

    I gather this is definately not being racist. Time the Government Woke Up and BROUGHT BACK THE DEATH PENALTHY.

  • mxming

    so i state the facts that this story is incorrect, and my comment gets removed… suspicious id say.. this website is a load of bull

  • Des Netto

    Those very people who together wrote the constitution, at one time or another, faced the threat of the death penalty. No wonder they abolished hanging. BOTSWANA has the death penalty and is the most crime free country on the African Continent. In fact a few years ago Thabo Mbeke pleaded with Botswana to stop the execution of a white South African woman who had her husband murdered. She was duly hung. Blacks are lynching criminals when they are aggrieved by rapes in their neighburhoods.

  • Timone

    This article is 4 years old and I remember reading it 4 years ago and hearing about this when it happened, so why is everyone commenting on it now?

    • The world still speaks about a terrorist like Mandela who I might add was a Communist in good standing & was responsible for a massive terrorist campaign in S.A during the ANC armed struggle in the 80’s.
      If you would like to verify you can look up the “Church street Bombing” & take it from there.
      They were based in London at the time, from 1979 – 1994.

      • Lynette

        I can never understand how a country like America, who HATE terrorists and have been under attack from terrorists for years, can worship Mandela! He was the leader of a group that let a bomb go off in a public area – killing and maiming innocent people, some of them still alive today. Mandela was very clever in making himself into a martyr, by REFUSING to be let out of jail – our president of that time OFFERED TO SET HIM FREE on the condition that he DENOUNCES violence, and he refused to do so and preferred to be kept in jail for 25 years, thereby making himself into a martyr. And now the whole world idolized and worships him, especially America who HATES and FEARS a terrorist – I can only presume they do not know the history.

        • It is very simple, Lynette.
          The average american are decent country folk because they are at heart a “rural country” ,with decent values.
          The bankers & others make the decisions on their behalf, its all business & imperialism for minerals & political influence.
          They have created a monster in SA of their own making & are now struggling to keep a lid on the situation.

        • FRANK

          We do not, Lyn. There are two America’s, there always has been. This “man” that sits in the white house has done everything he could to destroy this country; he is the one that glorifies mandela. We know what he was- a terrorist; plain and simple. Thankfully, his term is almost over, and the incoming president will have to undo everything that he has done. Please visit

        • Luyolo Makalima

          The president you refer to, was not democratically elected.Only the whites voted for him, the 4% minority.

    • OrgMas

      And the article is incorrect in the assertion that it was not reported in the English press. It received much coverage.

  • CatMan Stan

    Despicable subhuman filth!

  • Guest Who


  • John Deer

    Only NOW they appear in Court knowing that they will get a slap on the wrist and be taken up in Parliament as Ministers.

  • Charles Montgomery Rockson

    Time to reinstate the death penalty! These butchers will be out in 5 years, experienced racist killers. Modern day travesty! South Africa is fucked!

  • For the record seeing as the victims were Portuguese.

  • Dlia

    Glory to Almighty God the victims are in peace with Him. All hell will brake loose around the accused. There lives will never be the same again the pain of hell fire flames will scorn them each and every day. they will endure so much pain it will eventually drive them crazy!!! But not crazy enough not to remember what they have done!!! Eternity is forever for Christ’s children and he’ll is forever for satan and his followers!

    • Cliff Ferguson

      You cannot know what is in Gods mind so you cannot say what their (the accused) fate will end up to be. It is up to God to decide their fate, not yours. Feel free to study the scriptures more.. Have a blessed day.

      • HarD

        I agree, they still have time to turn their lives around and lay it in God’s hands. They will however, still experience the pain of what they have done – even more so if they give their lives to God.

    • patsi

      huh? i kinda think it may be the hereafter where that is decided..personally,i would prefer the death penalty for them and others lke them…like to know thay wont kill easy

  • PDB

    we need vigilante justice

  • Dan Beall

    This is the same type of situation that is beginning to emerge here in America. The black on white crimes are unexplainable. It is anti-white black extremism, and the democrat party is becoming the party of anti-white extremism.

  • Carin

    I support the death penalty whole heartedly. This has nothing to do with race! We are the human race & cruelty at this level is beyond comprehension & should not be allowed. If you do not value life, and so willingly can take another’s life while smiling about it why should you be allowed to live on? Call them animals? No animals aren’t cruel & it’s a insult to all animals. Monsters are what we are dealing with & we should deal with them accordingly.

  • lolly

    This is very Horrible, I wonder it wasn’t Racism and Hatred,i’m just saying, Young guys that do not experience Racism but unemployment,and lack of morals

  • Caroline Thord-Gray

    These guys were psychos, it has nothing to do with race.

    • quillerm

      The US Black Supremist Group Nation of Islam has advocated the recruitment of 10,000 operatives to murder white people. Obama and the DNC welcome this group into their leftist organization. The spread of anti-white, anti-christian hate eliminates from the Democrat Party

    • OrgMas

      Quite right

    • Laura V

      So there would be no outcry and media screaming racism if it was whites boiling a black child alive, eh?

      Pull the other one.

      • Gerhard Swanepoel

        Yes the white nation in SA are being murdered at an alarming rate under the ANC racist umbrella. Nobody says anything.

    • 6Cinnamongirl3

      You are a goddamn idiot if thats what you think

  • Batman

    And the tax payer is going to have to pay for these savages to be kept alive for the rest of their lives. No wait they will get a pardon via the ANC government to get votes. Calling these guys savage is not racist but justifiable. MAY THEY ROT IN HELL.

  • DinIndy

    5 to 10 years for Murder, rape, torture?? What the actual hell is going on in SA?

    • Northman

      It’s going on everywhere in the world that Blacks live. But I know it is the worst in South Africa and even the Zulu tribal chief admits that SA was much, much better under White Rule. Blacks are savage animals and that will never change.

      • King Shaka

        White people committed crimes like this at least once a week during Jim Crow in the USA and Apartheid in South Africa and you want to call Black people savages? This is your eye for an eye, you people are savage cave beast who raped and looted your way around the world and you have the audacity to call black people savages. You’re the neandrathal savage beasts who started this and now you cant take it when your own savage behavior is used against you. Karma is what this is called.

        • Drivin Mzdaisy

          Well you are a fool trying to sound politically correct . What Karma ? the rape of black babies and black woman , the torture and murder of black people in L.B.G.T community’s. What about the murder and rape of babies believed to be a traditional cure for aids and HIV, this instigated by the Sangomas and traditional healers

          I do not care what Jan Van Riebeeck did to your uncle King Shaka some 300 years ago ,not like he wasn’t a war monger,. The highest incidences of crime in SA is black on black crime so Karma is working to fuc* you up the ass

  • Northman

    Apartheid was created with co-operation from the Zionists in Occupied Palestine in 1948. The world gangs up against South Africa but literally gives Israel millions of dollars every year in the name of “Foreign Aid”.

    • Linda Harris

      Remember that is world governments not world people. Many of us support your efforts.

  • tiredofit

    Barbaric disgusting idiots that should have been taken out and shot after admitting guilt.

  • 6Cinnamongirl3

    I’d highly suggest any whites to get the hell out of that barbaric hole.

    • Gerhard Swanepoel

      How and where should we go???

      • Linda Harris

        Don’t leave. I love South Africa despite your current government issues. What a beautiful land it is. Hopefully things will turn around. They have to see how stupid decisions has destroyed Zimbabwe and won’t go down that same road.

        • Johann Schutte

          Who will see it Linda? Who exactly is the ‘they’ you refer to?

  • Peter the Dutchman

    The price paid for the political surrender to terrorists. Why didn’t they just divide the land during the ’90s. Funny how blacks always want the bits they didn’t create. Blacks in Africa for millions of years, create a disease-ridden cesspit. Whites in Australia for a few hundred years, create a country equivalent to Europe or America. Makes you think. I’d happily watch these three animals lynched.

  • Charlotte Getty

    Disgusting savages. Execution is too good for them.

  • Linda Harris

    Time to bring back the death penalty over there. There is no excuse on earth for these men to continue to breath air.

    • HarD

      That’s what most of us want, Linda, but for the libtards who keep screaming that these savages also “have human rights”!!! My argument is that when you take the life of another, you should have to forfeit all your rights. To think they even have the right to vote as well!!!!

    • Johann Schutte

      Your call for the reinstatement of the death penalty is predicated on the assumption that the justice system is fair and independent.

      Its a terrifying prospect: It will be used as a political tool.

      • Linda Harris

        So do you think it is fair when this vermin has admitted to these atrocities yet will only receive 5 to 10 years in prison. I find that thought terrifying in itself that they will be free to do this again is such a short amount of time.

        • Johann Schutte

          There is nothing in my statement to that effect. I am in full agreement that they should be removed from society permanently, and would most certainly feel relieved if they were dead. Nothing less than that would be ‘fair’ in my book.

          However, if the death penalty in SA is reinstated, it is more than likely that it will find application to more than murder. Treason, for example has historically met with a sentence of death.

          The court system in SA is biased against white people, and will adjudicate and mete out punishment in terms of that bias. Treason is a hop, skip and a jump from political dissidence.

          What I am saying to you is this: When South Africa’s government overtures the reinstatement of the death penalty, be very afraid. We are rapidly moving to a dictatorship (as African democracies inevitably do), and all dictatorships are paranoid.

          • Linda Harris

            I am very sad for you. I have visited your country twice and love both the country and the people there.
            I do hope things change for the good instead heading down the same path that Zimbabwe has gone.

          • Johann Schutte

            Thank you for your sympathetic response. Such sentiments are few and far between for a people as vilified as the South African white, particularly the Afrikaner.

            Africa has, over the past few decades, seen approximately 100 successful coups and 150 unsuccessful ones, as part of a classic pattern:

            1. A new ‘leader’ emerges, and with promises of democracy, an independent judiciary and media, and other things commonly associated with European decency and civilization, manages to procure large inflows of capital from well meaning benefactors.

            2. The glorious birth of a new African democracy is witnessed. Peace comes to the country.

            3. A Gravy train emerges.

            4. Huge infighting for a share of the pie amongst the gravy train passengers (and wannabees) ensues.

            5. Corruption becomes rife, and whatever infrastructure or funds erected/established by western benefactors are plundered and pillaged.

            6. The population, inspired by opposition politicians (who want a larger piece of the pie and who consequently regularly disappear) find it increasingly difficult to survive, and become increasingly irate.

            7. The ‘democrat’ in power deploys the military to control the dissidents, and ultimately declares martial law.

            8. The ‘democrat’ then outlaws all opposition political parties.

            9. The ‘democrat’ then changes the constitution and declares himself leader for life.

            10. Somebody brutally assassinates the leader, or tortures him to death, often on Channel one, for all to see.

            11. The country descends into feudalism. Warlords rape, pillage and loot until nothing worth fighting for remains.

            12. Peacekeeping forces are sent in.

            13. The decimated citizenry, spent, weary, and maimed, accept whatever it’s offered by the west, who by now have identified a new democrat for future deployment.

            14. The new man promises democracy and other things commonly considered to be desirable by the west, from where the money flows freely.

            15. We witness the glorious birth of a new African democracy.

            I have NO optimism that SA won’t go the way of Zimbawbe, as matter of fact it will be worse.

            Zim has had the benefit of a ‘refined’ and educated dictator, id est Sir Bob (Yes, he was knighted, but the knighthood was withdrawn). We will have one in the Idi Amin mould. You may have heard of Julius Malema.

            On a personal note: I was able to leave. But of course like other expats retain strong affinity for where I cut my teeth.

            If you have gotten through my longwinded response, thank you.

            Incidentally. I assume from your pic you;re a GR aficionado.

            Best regards

          • Linda Harris

            Not long winded at all. Very educational in fact.
            Again very sad. I have read quite a bit on the history of South Africa and I am very sorry that people are not able to work together to maintain such a wonderful place.
            And yes, I have 4 of those beasts and one mutt. They are all my babies.

          • Johann Schutte

            There are actually worse crimes that occur, such as baby rape. Reportedly, some of the sangomas (withdoctors/traditional healers) prescribe raping a virgin (the younger the better), as a cure for aids.

            For some reason we seem to accept that 10s of 1000s of years of evolutionary influence has led to the vast difference in physical appearance, i.e. from the Scandinavian, to the Mongol, to the Kenyan. These anthropometric distinctions seem well accepted by all, and we don’t care too much about them being made. However we seem to paradoxically resist the idea that the evolutionary influences that created the variance in physical appearance has had no effect on how we are psychologically across the races. It’s just not pc.

            I used to breed labs (non-commercially) during my time in SA. am considering a GR, as I have heard the temperaments are much the same? And the tail is also roughly coffee-table height!

          • RichardC

            Johann, There is a fundamental flaw in the concept of evolution. If evolution over 10’s of 1000’s of years were a fact, then, logically, it is an ongoing process & someone somewhere is at the bottom of the ladder & others higher. Some peoples must by evolution’s very nature be more advanced, more enlightened, more civilized than others. But such ideas are unthinkable, outlawed. What does this mean? Do we believe in evolution without an evolutionary process?

          • Johann Schutte

            Your point eludes me Richard. Evolution (depending on the definition you want to attach to it), is an observable and measurable reality of life. Dogs for example have evolved through selective breeding programs into the standards and variance we know today. Humans are now taller than what they were 150 years ago. Bacteria have become resistant to certain antibiotic substances. The list is endless.

            Evolutionary change occurs throughout the biosphere.

            The moment there is stratification of traits within a specie, e.g. running speed in dogs, the concept of less or more instantly arises. There would be very few who would argue that the daschund and the italian greyhound do not differ remarkably in this respect, with ‘more’ clearly descriptive of the greyhound.

            Applying this to the human world has become an un-pc thing to do, but the reality of evolutionary change and differences is just as valid as it is for the daschund and greyhound.

            But let me put it to you like this: Swedes are at the lowest rung of the ladder when it comes to blackness, Nigerians are probably above the 90th percentile.

          • Drivin Mzdaisy

            Disagree Jan , how many people commit treason every day in SA and how many people rape and murder everyday in SA ? You basing your point on an hypothetical assumption , and if treason makes the death penalty partial then I am even more passionate about the death penalty because then we can hold the A.N.C guilty of treason for having the Guptas influence our national executive and security.

            I think opining the death penalty from the point of view of white persecution is misguided because if there is that prosecution and suppression then we will need to oppose it and fight against it , and that is all the races . Our constitution says we cannot take up arms against the State but how constitution does not say we cannot take up arms against a tyrannical state

      • Dave

        Unfortunately Johann, this is correct. I am an advocate of the return of the death penalty only provided certain conditions are met and these include, but are not limited to: political and social stability and absolute proof of guilt! To re-instate it under current circumstances would ensure the certain death of any political opposition and other innocents based on whatever prejudice is the flavour of the month. That aside, WHO, HRC or not, before any action can be taken if any, the death toll would just be too horrific to contemplate.

        • Drivin Mzdaisy

          I totally disagree with you. The criminal justice system in SA is predisposed in favor of the accused or perpetrators of crime . SA has one of the lowest conviction rates in the world yet we rank in the top ten in per capita murders .

          The criminal justice system is as broken as the rule of law , it grants leniency to hardcore offenders, almost impunity . Statutory sentencing for violent offenses are short prison terms and many sentences are commuted to parole. The criminal justice system works to rehabilitate even hardcore offenders who should be punished and put away for life without the possibility of parole , therefore we have a high recidivism rate ( re-offending) because the thugs are lets out of prison to murder and rape again

          The death penalty is the only deterrent to combat crime in this country , bring the crime levels down and give victims of crime proper recourse and justice . Why wouldn’t the death penalty work , they say SAs constitution is one of the best in the world , and our constitution even protects the liberties of thugs and murderers who have the right to due process to prove their innocence, It is just the law abiding citizens whose constitutional rights are violated every day , our guarantees of protection violated by thugs , murderers and an incompetent police force and criminal justice system

          • Dave

            I did qualify my statement in that provided certain conditions are met the death penalty should be re-instated. Provided the conditions I mentioned, that would prevent the abuse of the death penalty resulting in the sending of innocents to the gallows, I still advocate the death penalty.

      • Drivin Mzdaisy

        The criminal justice system is as broken as the rule of law , it grants leniency to hardcore offenders, almost impunity . Statutory sentencing for violent offenses are short prison terms and many sentences are commuted to parole. The criminal justice system works to
        rehabilitate even hardcore offenders who should be punished and put away
        for life without the possibility of parole , therefore we have a high recidivism rate ( re-offending) because the thugs are lets out of prison to murder and rape again

        The death penalty is the only deterrent to combat crime in this country , bring the crime levels down and give victims of crime proper recourse and justice . Why wouldn’t
        the death penalty work , they say SAs constitution is one of the best in the world , and our constitution even protects the liberties of thugs and murderers who have the right to due process to prove their innocence, It is just the law abiding citizens whose constitutional rights are violated every day , our guarantees of protection violated by thugs , murderers and an incompetent police force and criminal justice system

  • Jane

    And then everyone is up in arms when a white boy called them racist names on facebook. I don’t condone what he did, but look at this. This is racism in its most barbaric and sickening form. How can you do this to anybody and let alone a child. Sick bastards.

  • Sue Durham

    They should be given the same punishment, drown them in a vat of boiling water. An eye for eye

  • mi

    Someone KILL these POS (Pieces Of Shit)
    The jew-owned media only reports something as a hate crime when the victim is 1. black 2. gay 3. transgender 4. jewish

  • MikkiB

    A man I know went to the states hospital this week with a stomach problem, they gave him two whole grain breads and told him they cannot help him, because he is white. In that exact words.

    • MikkiB

      Just imagine that if your child gets seriously sick and you go there, they would let your child die because he or she is white. It is time that the world please stand up and help us have the voice we so desperately need.

  • MikkiB

    Just imagine that if your child gets sick a

  • Pops

    A day of reckoning will come. When decent people have lost everything, our land, our jobs, our language, our future. Then we’ll lose it. At the moment, the vast majority of us have too much to lose and so we remain largely silent. We hope that it will happen to someone else. These atrocities are rightly or wrongly building up an intense hatred of the black people. I think civil war is inevitable.

  • Trac Mila

    If you still not sure what’s going on. Here’s some homework. To understand whats going on here in SA, you need to see and understand whats going on in the rest of the world. Believe what you want and do your own research.

  • Biglittlejoe

    Horrible. Just horrible!

  • bobmi

    Let the blacks destroy South Africa like they destroy everything else. Whites need to leave that country at once if they can.

    • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

      IF you are guilble enough to believe the junk written above, i will gladly assist you in packing your racist as back to where you’re not even welcome. South Africa is for all who live in it, just as our constitution guarantees. If you miss the “good old” apartheid days, teleport yourselves to live in thise times, and live us alone! We will never be governed by racist.

      • Wim

        Junk? So a criminal conviction is “junk”. No wonder the country is in such a state.

        • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

          Wim, please do not distort my post. It is the article that is junk, and is meant to be consumed by those addicted to this junk. Crime is a crime, regardless of the victims or perpetrators. If you ignore other crimes and become selective in your reporting, you are creating junk

          • Wim

            More like MSM is being selective in their reporting. This story was not reported anywhere.

          • Drivin Mzdaisy

            The fact is a black govt can never enforce the rule of law , they themselves break the laws..Sadly Africa is the metaphor for chaos , instability and corruption. If the rule of law was enforced almost all of Africa will thrive because corruption , theft , human rights violations will be punishable offenses

            While you may argue crime is crime , most crime in SA is committed by black South Africans and lets not group all into the poverty , these savages and sub humans murder for opportunity and profit . Yes there are other races that perpetrate and are as equally vile and savage but if black criminal offenses and incarceration rates fall South Africa will be a safer country , want to bet ????

          • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

            ‘black govt’? Hmm! Says a lot about your thinking, or rather, lack of it!

          • Drivin Mzdaisy

            Whose governing the country ? Who are the majority law makers ? Idiot trying to politicize and racial grandstand

          • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

            You dont know who is governibg your country? You dont know who the majority law makers are? But, i have to give it to you, you came up with an apt description of yourself. You really are an “idiot trying to politicize and grandstand”. Well done, Mz!

          • Drivin Mzdaisy

            Dude get off the pills even if they are prescription

          • Russell “rusty nuts” Geko

            So what happened that day that would have trumped what those murdering, racist animals did to the Viannas? Stop trying to gloss over the facts or at least trying to present them as something other than what they are.

          • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

            I will certainly not ‘gloss over’ like you are doing, so trying is out of the question.

          • Russell “rusty nuts” Geko

            And yet…

    • Andre’ Dixson

      When we stop destroying ourselves, and begin to assemble amongst ourselves, what are YOU going to do? When 75% of all African-Americans convert to Islam within 1 calendar year, what are YOU going to do? Funny how you whites want blacks to continue believing in Jesus as our Lord and Savior along with you, but you for some reason expect us to accept that God just made you better than us?! Your people forced Christianity onto my people during slavery. What is going to happen when my people wake up and realize that we’re completely different than you other than the fact we’re both humans? You’ve had it good for awhile Opie; all things must change. 😉



    • Msema

      What did Geraldine Viana do to this young guys for them to have reacted in this barbaric way?

      I lived in south Africa and sorry to say Africaners (white southafricans) have a way of dissing and disrespecting blacks. They started the apartheid system that totally destroyed the blacks for a whole generation. Today they mock them and disrespect them for having an inferior education and being poor.
      Most whites in south Africa still believe they are superior and believe its ok to talk down to the blacks.
      This story is what you get for denying people education and keeping them in poverty. Its going to take a whole generation to turn minds around. This is the legacy of apartheid. Poor blacks being treated badly by some rich white folks, it happens everyday in the farmlands and in the suburbs. Iam not condoning this behavior ,but I understand that if people hold on to their ignorant ways of thinking, change will take along time to come. For the family that got murdered may the Good lord rest their souls in peace.
      We are all citizens of the world, may peace and love prevail on planet Earth. Respect is key.

      • Craig

        Lame nonsense. The number of blacks shot by blacks in Chicago this year exceeds the nation’s two larger cities, New York and Los Angeles, combined. They never had apartheid in Chicago, but they have lots of African Americans. The number of shootings in Chicago this year officially passed the 1,000 mark on April 20, a new record for the 70 percent nonwhite city which is rapidly plunging into Third World chaos thanks to an ever increasing black and Hispanic population. The city reached the 1,000 mark at the end of April, when 13 people were shot over 14 hours, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.

      • Magic Mushroom

        Like in the rest of Africa??

      • Quorra
        “A picture was shown of a bottle which was shoved into Geradine Viana’s vag. Mbeli said he did it because he was drunk.”

        Yes Msema. The poor, poor Mbeli was so traumatised that he had to break in to their house in order to steal alcohol which he needed to get drunk in order to manage his terrible PTS and then decided to shove it up there, since he was drunk? What, couldn’t find any coasters?

        Crime is crime is crime. No human has the right to take the life of another.
        I also don’t know when you left but in SA, employees have many avenues available to them for dealing with unfair treatment (etc.) in the workplace, most of these FREE.

      • Owen

        Firstly, Viana is not Afrikaans, secondly blacks are barbaric by nature be it in the Congo, Somalia, Haiti, Detroit, Sudan or the Bronx in Harlem.

        Apartheid was simply separate development, white people for the most part still want nothing to do with blacks in RSA even though all the apartheid laws were repealed after pressure from London & USA etc.

        Blacks were better off under apartheid.

        Ahh man, the new SA is a true racist utopia.

        • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

          Owen, you are proving Msema right by spewing your gibberish. You would have done yourself a favour, and saved white supremacists embarrassment, by shutting your trap.

          • Owen

            I try to be as brief as possible, I dont like to waste my time with morons like yourself.

          • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

            good! I will be the better human, and stop here!

          • Owen

            Great, I hope I never hear from the likes of you ever again.

          • Mntungwa Mbhulazi

            Yeah, it is ‘great’ to be the better human!

          • Owen

            You go well now…

      • Russell “rusty nuts” Geko

        Were the Viannas guilty of racism?
        What did any of the Vianna family do to these animals?
        And remember they murdered and tortured the 12 year old simply because he would identify them…which they were anyway.
        Your ignorance is only outweighed by your assumptions.

      • Sam

        Msema, the first sentences of the first 3 paragraphs in you argument are largely unfair and prejudiced. You stereotyping of Afrikaners is equally disgusting as the stereotyping “all blacks”. These were even not Afrikaners (as mentioned earlier on this post). If you look at the world’s history in other countries, India for example, where lots of people are also disadvantaged because of the past treatment by others, you will not find this kind of cruel behaviour. You say “This story is what you get for denying people education and keeping them in poverty”. Poor education and poverty can NEVER justify what was done to this innocent child. Or do you held him also responsible for his mothers mistakes? Do you have children? Do you held your child responsible for your mistakes? The good Lord, as you call Him, will not be so good when reckoning comes for these three criminals. People who are looking for excuses for torture and murder like this, are only hindering the process for change in our country. Will the same argument be for poor blacks and poor whites being treated badly by some rich blacks as I have witnessed? Your last sentence does not convey the same meaning or attitude than the rest of your argument. Peace? Love? Respect? After making excuses for rape, torture and murder? Doesn’t hold water.

  • Russell “rusty nuts” Geko

    Dont care what youre skin color is, you do this to a family member of mine I’ll be waiting the day you get out of prison. That you can be assured of. Savages.

  • Russell “rusty nuts” Geko

    Come to think of it this lot should be eligible for release soon…if they havent been already.

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm

    From the beginning of 2011:

  • The brutal killing of people of all races by heartless, ill-bred criminals in South Africa is truly a sad and heartbreaking ongoing tragedy. Criminals roam the street while law-abiding citizens are compelled to live and work behind bars. I hope and pray that this will come to an end!

  • They should be lined up against the wall & their mulanyan throats cut from ear to ear.

  • Kevin012

    Nothing human about this lot!!

  • Mlady_Raka

    In this case I wish for an eye for an eye….get a HUGE cauldron of boiling water….

  • Valhalkarie