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Louise Mabille, Ph.D., Dept. of Philosophy, University of Pretoria

F. Roger Devlin, Ph.D., Baltimore, U.S.A.

Christo Landman, Ph.D., Pretoria

Ilana Mercer, Idaho, BA Honours, U.S.A.

Fransi Phillips, BA Honours, Moscow

Joseph Secrève, M.Sc., The Hague

Jaap Steyn, Ph.D., Bloemfontein

Andrey Yakovlev, Ph.D., Algiers

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  • Soon after Chris Prior was dismissed from his radio jock position twenty or so years ago I was living in a block of flats just behind the building he adopted and started to build some cottage-like structure…but his was a shortlived dream of ressettling himself because that area has already been earmarked by foreign nationals who were commandeered by Aggliotti to commit his crimes there and he was harassed,intimidated and threatened as he made his moves in-and-out and by then the government was telling us not to worry they were refugees not criminals but they were dismantling the place structure by structure and eventually Chris realized his was a no-win war as the government has failed him so he left with no compensation!

    They are engaged in racketeering pertaining to:

    Extortion, Fraud, Money Laundering, federal drug offenses, murder, Kidnapping, gambling, Arson, Robbery, Bribery, dealing in obscene matter, counterfeiting, Embezzlement, Obstruction of Justice,
    obstruction of law enforcement, tampering with witnesses, filing of a
    false statement to obtain a passport, passport forgery and false use or
    misuse of a passport, peonage, Slavery, unlawful receipt of Welfare
    funds, interstate transport of stolen property, sexual exploitation of
    children, trafficking in counterfeit labels for audio and visual works,
    criminal infringement of copyrights, trafficking in contraband
    cigarettes, white slavery, violation of payment and loan restrictions to
    labor unions, and harboring, aiding, assisting, or transporting illegal Aliens.
    They specialize in criminal enterprises specialising in a variety of crimes,
    including extortion, blackmail, gambling, loan-sharking,
    political corruption, and the manufacture and sale of illicit narcotics.
    Extortion, a time-tested endeavor of organized crime, is the
    acquisition of property through the use of threats or force. For
    instance, a criminal enterprise located in a certain neighborhood of a
    city may visit shopkeepers and demand a specific amount of so-called
    protection money. If a shopkeeper does not pay the money, the criminal
    organization may strike at him, his property, or his family.

    is similar to extortion. It is committed when a person obtains money or
    value by accusing the victim of a crime, threatening the victim with
    harm or destruction of the victim’s property, or threatening to reveal
    disgraceful facts about the victim.

    Gambling and loan-sharking
    are other traditional activities of organized criminal enterprises.
    Where gambling is illegal, some organized crime groups act as the locus
    for gambling activity. In states where some gambling is legal and some
    gambling is illegal, organized crime groups offer illegal Gaming.
    Loan-sharking is the provision of loans at illegally high interest
    rates accompanied by the illegal use of force to collect on past due
    payments. In organized crime circles, such loans usually are made to
    persons who cannot obtain credit at legitimate financial institutions
    and who can serve the criminal enterprise in some way in the event they
    are unable to repay the loan. Loan-sharking provides organized criminal
    enterprises with money and helps enlarge the enterprise by bringing into
    the fold persons who owe a debt to the enterprise.

  • Few years ago a chopper was charted straight from Lanseria into a building in yeoville but did little damage to the structure itself and tenants and I am happy to state here that the aim and intention was to bury the tenants after the owners of this once lucrative sectional title building failed to collect rentals and then decided to commit a pact suicide and this crashing of the building was no-doubt a revenge attack and this after they resigned themselves to the fact that these rulers were not gonna defend them against these bandits they`re bussing here from the continent!

    We mandated them to protect and defend us as they ussher these foreign nationals in accordance with national security dictations that they should

    remember the resolve
    of South Africans, as individuals and as a
    nation, to live as equals, to live in peace
    and harmony, to be free from fear and want and
    to seek a better life.

    The resolve to live in peace and harmony
    precludes any South African citizen from
    participating in armed conflict, nationally or

  • Dr Jonas Savimbi enjoyed the support of those we were made to believe were colonialists and imperialists despite his war which was to liberate inhabitants of the continent after white rule and during black rule!BRITISH,SOUTH AFRICA AND AMERICA OFFERED HIM MORAL,LOGISTICS,STRATEGIC SUPPORT WHILE CHINAOFFERED HIM WARFARE MATERIALS,EQUIPMENTS AND WEAPONRY!

    He was not killed by the MPLA but the rulers of South Africa and their private army whom they started with the soon-to-be-disbanded South African recces and that`s why they bulletproof their ears when Helen Suzman demanded they shut it down as it was going to massacre and annihilate and destabilise blacks!Instead they defended Savimbi`s killing with propaganda spewed-out by 32 battallion that he was slaughtering suspected spies and their families but its a sketchy and superficial accusation.

  • Countriesuse their intelligence to solve complex casesand dismantle criminal orgnisations.This helps governments to understand threatsto their countriesand people,-whether they are from gangs,spies,organized crime groups,hackers or terrorists-in order to protect communities and nationalsecurity.Governments cannot make decisions with the aim of formulating policieswithout decisions with the aim of formulating policieswithout Intelligence contributionof information!
    We are ruled without the intelligence which has been turned into the ruler`s privatre army!

  • i have postedquestions to all the registeredpartiestocontest the elections and onlyone hashonestly answeredmy questions off the cuff and it is the freedom front plus!theff-plus will be strong onnationalsecurity by diporting allthese darker-hue foeignnationals,lock-up thosewho ruled the country from1994 to date for crimesof aggression and rule of aggression,enforce the rule of law,respect for the law;bring about a safe environment country-wide;reinforcetheculture of human rightsand fight crime with vengeance.it will create jobs by having job-creators inthe flatsand townhouses and willwork together with traditionalleadersto make rural areasa home and industriial place for blacks.right now i`mhardat work campaigning for the ff-plus!i`m thinking of thedays when ourswasa christian country where indecencieswere not tolerated and when rural people felt freeto come to the metrosan urbans to look for work.