On Oscar Pistorius, singularity and libtards

Regarding convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius, almost everyone has had “an egg to lay”, as the Afrikaans expression goes. I purposefully tried to avoid his trial and its attendant hype, as it displayed once more the painful and colonial stupidity of South African society, with its stereotypical concerns that make the average TV soap opera look like Dostoevsky.

roodt_fbfotoHordes of local and foreign journalists swarmed around the court room, tweeting incessantly. More than one book rolled off the presses, in which the orgiastic display of superficiality, Schadenfreude and political correctness was apparently canonised. I say, “apparently”, as I have not read any of these tomes and probably never will.

The only comment worth making about Oscar Pistorius is that he is not an Afrikaner. Despite his surname which, incidentally, is of Dutch origin, being a Latinisation of “baker” (“pistor” means “baker” in Latin), he was raised as English and attended English schools. So if one’s culture makes one commit murder or shoot your girlfriend through the bathroom door, English must be lethal.

However, I strongly suspect that even if Pistorius had been a “Smith” or a “Jones” – the two most common surnames in Great Britain – he would still have been crucified by the media vampires as a kind of “Afrikaner by association”. So every journalist or commentator vaguely able to spell “sociology” or “psychology” launched into quasi-learned “explanations” of Pistorius’s behaviour which was mostly attributed to being a white, middle-class and “Afrikaner” male.

Alex Perry even wrote an early piece for Time magazine, in which he fell back on the ultimate English-South African cliché, the laager, retaining the antiquated Dutch spelling that Afrikaners never use:

The ultimate example of this private crime control is the security estate. The ancestors of the white Afrikaners, 19th century Dutch settlers, had their own response to overwhelming danger: circling their wagons in an impenetrable laager. The most celebrated laager was at the Battle of Blood River in 1838, in which 470 Dutchmen killed 3,000 Zulu warriors while sustaining light wounds to just three of their own. The security estate–a walled-off cluster of houses protected by razor wire, electric fences, motion detectors and guards–is the 21st century laager. Its purpose is the same: separation from what Afrikaners call the swart gevaar or “black threat.” The security estate is a private, individual, exclusive solution to that fear. And Silver Woods in Pretoria, where Pistorius lives behind electrified 8-ft.-high (2.5 m) security walls watched over by the estate’s dedicated security force, is one of the most exclusive guarded communities in the country.

Our crime statistics are, as everyone knows, “off the charts” as they say in America, and post-1994 South Africa has the dubious distinction of having both the highest incidence of rape in the world and almost the highest murder rate. OK, so Honduras and Venezuela beat us in the number of murders per 100 000 members of the population, but in absolute terms an extraordinary 16914 people got murdered last year. Probably Pistorius’s crime will be classified as a “culpable homicide” of which there were 11257 in 2013. If you add the two together, you get 28171 people killed in one year. On average, 43 people are murdered every day, 77 if you include the culpable homicides. That means our daily number of murders exceeds the annual body count in places like Denmark (47 murders per year), Switzerland (46 per year) and New Zealand (41 murders per year).

I specifically mention Switzerland, as it is well-known that the Swiss army system, a citizens’ militia, entails that every man aged 55 and under has a government-issue assault rifle at home. As the adage goes, guns don’t kill people… and Switzerland is the living proof of that.

So the avalanche of clichés in the media on “Afrikaner gun culture”, “whiteness”, “masculinity”, the “laager”, “black peril”, etc., merely represents the self-referential black box of libtardism and its incapacity to grasp or describe even the stuff of so-called “genre fiction”: murder.

One of the first and most obvious aspects of the Oscar Pistorius story is that it is a singularity. Here is a man without legs who ran in the Olympics and then shot his girlfriend through the bathroom door for some peculiar personal reason which may have been tantamount to a crime passionel. It will never happen again. We all know how lawyers train their witnesses to say certain things in court to make the evidence fit a certain legal outcome. The entire narrative around Pistorius’s “fear of crime” may have been the figment of Barry Roux’s imagination, for all we know. Yet Steinberg and his fellow libtards see in this statement a corroboration of their “white/Afrikaner paranoia theory”.

Within the delirious fantasy world of the libtard where whites are always violent and evil, as opposed to blacks who are congenitally innocent, but sometimes “pushed” into crime or violence by white racism or socioeconomic conditions, Oscar Pistorius was the ultimate “proof” of white, male and Afrikaans wickedness. Security estates, or “gated communities” in American parlance, of which there are literally thousands in South Africa, are an expression of “white paranoia” and have nothing to do with defending oneself against the ambient social war raging on the streets of South Africa.

I have referred before to the English-South African need for imitation and colonial deference to Britain. For the elites of Johannesburg and Cape Town, white or black, London will always be our real capital, and Washington to a lesser extent. Anglo-American political correctness is also the national creed, and woe betide anyone who deviates from it. South African “intellectualism” consists of simulating or conforming to such British or American PC views, regardless of local culture or conditions.

Even where a “muti” or “medicine murder” takes place in the age-old African tradition, it will be explained in terms of “apartheid” and things like “white patriarchy” or “masculinity”. The resulting anachronism, logical absurdity and sheer dishonesty of such explanations are cavalierly disregarded by libtard genii whose racial fixation trumps all other interpretations or even facts. Naturally, every libtard is a genius who regularly sneers haughtily at any conservative, rational or logical criticism of his or her prejudices, as being “stupid” or “dumb” in a revealing demonstration of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Even though the Pistorius murder case was a clear-cut interpersonal crime between two people with an intimate relationship, white-on-white as they say, the libtard mainstream media (MSM) immediately set about racialising it. Even where any form of racial motive shines in its utter absence, it has to be imagined or filled in, because otherwise they would have nothing left to say.

Op my ou ramkiekie met net een snaar, we say in Afrikaans to convey someone’s one-dimensional conversation or ideas. Libtardism is indeed a musical instrument with a single string: race. Without a racial monotone, the libtard reaches the end of his little universe where, as Wittgenstein said:

“What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.”

One day even maths and physics, or the origins of the universe, will be described in terms of a libtardist, racial paradigm.

Forgetting for a moment about Oscar Pistorius’s notoriety even before his murder trial, the hullabaloo over the trial was indicative of a kind of cognitive and semantic crisis at the heart of political correctness. Conditions in South Africa being what they are, with rampant crime and violence, including the killing and rape of children, even babies, the most confident libtard must sense imminent mind-control failure. No matter how powerful the Anglo-Saxon media machine and “neurolinguistic programming” in this country, sooner or later the average citizen is “mugged by reality”, as the expression goes. Or rather, the fortunate ones get mugged, the unfortunate ones become rape or murder statistics.

From within the newsrooms and the inner sanctums of academe where an even more convoluted jargon circumlocutes the generalised sociopathy, or sadism, of South Africa, the ramkiekie is sounding more and more like a crackling short-wave radio somewhere in the Congolese jungle. London is calling, but she is no longer getting through.

Some of the most pitiful imitations of politically correct cultural-Marxist or feminist “discourse” – a word more commonly used in French, but that became strangely fashionable in English – are to be found among South African blacks. Political correctness for blacks has the added advantage of also being profitable, in that it justifies affirmative action, BEE (black economic empowerment) and the other Orwellian policies pursued by our government. As I have also stated elsewhere, South Africa is the only country in the world where an ethnic majority with unfettered political, military, police and economic power – if its share of the state-owned economy is taken into account – has to be protected from a dwindling, disenfranchised and powerless minority.

It follows that, not only does a white “perp” like legless Oscar represent a valuable pawn in the ongoing semantic war against Afrikaners/whites by the PC horde, but he also has great economic and political value. Like Penelope’s face launched a thousand ships, the abject figure of Oscar the white “Afrikanerised” criminal will launch a thousand tenders. As “white male evil incarnate”, he will assuage the pangs of conscience in looting our state down to the last, devalued rand, if ever there were such pangs. The ultimate objective of revolution in South Africa was not to “liberate us” but to fall upon the state and municipal coffers in a feeding frenzy of sleaze and corruption that puts the Caribbean piracy of yore to shame.

But let me get back to the “feminist” interpretation of Oscar, alluded to a paragraph or two ago. A black male and a deputy director-general in the Presidency at that, Mr. Busani Ngcaweni, has alerted me on Twitter to his “analysis” of Oscar under the ominous title, White masculinity since 1994, published in the Sunday Independent yesterday.

The astute reader will by now have realised that, in South Africa, we do not really have a problem with rapists or murderers committing all these heinous crimes, but with abstract nouns. As rape is notoriously under-reported, it is estimated that up to a million women get raped every year, not by real, live rapists, but by abstract nouns such as “masculinity” and “patriarchy”. In the libtard media and in academic journals, there is a whole industry devoted to blaming “masculinity” and “patriarchy” for rape and murder and “femicide”, with the underlying suggestion that white, middle-class males are somehow also involved in the rape and murder epidemic. Anyone questioning this is immediately censored, or fired.

However, even a casual perusal of the South African Police’s own statistics, will demonstrate that violent crime, including rape and murder, is not reported at police stations like Randburg or Bellville where middle-class white males cluster, but in areas like Soweto or the Cape Flats where few, if any, whites live. Now, unless the victims of crime in white middle-class areas, pursued by white male accountants, lawyers and members of middle management, drive across Johannesburg or Cape Town to go and report their crimes in black or Coloured areas, we may safely assume that those crimes had indeed been committed within or near the police precincts where they were first reported. Unlike what Jonny Steinberg claims, there is no “culture of violence” in predominantly white, Afrikaner suburbs and legal gun owners do not shoot up the neighbourhood, as a rule.

So while sundry white libtard-feminist harpies like Gillian Schutte or Christi van der Westhuizen rail against abstract nouns such as “whiteness” or “masculinity” or “patriarchy”, no-one has ever tendered any concrete evidence that white South African males commit any more crime than ones in Denmark, Switzerland or New Zealand, our already-mentioned three low-crime countries.

Oscar Pistorius’s singular murder is therefore not representative of anything, let alone “a source of racial shame” as Steinberg in his libtard zeal pontificated shortly after his sentencing:

…I get the sense that the feelings of vengeance are much stronger among whites than blacks. Pistorius has offended a sense of racial pride, and a lot of white people are hungry for his blood.

Wandering around the eastern Free State and Gauteng these past couple of weeks, I get the sense that many people in the townships don’t care one way or another about Pistorius. Another rich person received soft justice. So what? It happens all the time.

The vitriol spewing across the airwaves has been disproportionately white, as far as I can tell.

Are libtards capable of “sense”? As someone said, journalism is a low-paid job where most of the job satisfaction comes from fraternising with important people and regularly smearing them. So it does not really attract the mathematically gifted or people with analytical, logical skills.

On Twitter last night, Busani Ngcaweni suggested that Steinberg had even gone so far as to claim that Afrikaners had “initiated” pristine, innocent blacks into violence during the ninenteenth century:

Even though libtards are capable of the most extreme and outlandish statements, I would be surprised to see such a quote, even from a Boerehaat author such as Steinberg, but then in South Africa, anything is possible.

South Africa’s one saving grace is that we are a member of BRICS, with the ultimate hope that either Russia or China will assume a neo-colonial role in this country, to staunch the destructive excesses of Anglo-American, racialised political correctness. However, Ngcaweni does not offer me any hope, as he sounds just like some indoctrinated 2nd-year social-science student from Wits or UCT, although he claims never to have been to university. He merely recapitulates the groundless speculations of Steinberg et al when he concludes his piece on Oscar by saying:

It is the fascinating peep into a particular world that this trial gave us: the life of guns, sport cars and blondes, the new cultural signifiers of Afrikaner masculinity in post-apartheid South Africa.

If anything, the non-Afrikaner Oscar’s evidently shallow and flashy Hollywood-lifestyle is more indicative of the dominant “global” culture than anything remotely Afrikaans or Afrikaner. Being Calvinists, with a strong patrician bond to the land, the plebeian display of material wealth and symbols of consumption has never been part of the Afrikaner make-up. Around Johannesburg, I see more black males in expensive, million-rand plus sports cars than white ones. Most Afrikaners drive utilitarian bakkies or pick-ups as many are self-employed and have to transport stock or equipment in their struggle for survival against a hostile, anti-white system.

One of the many paradoxes of our self-proclaimed “genius” pundits is that, apart from mixing metaphors and facts so often, they also have no sense of logical consistency. When using modish, postmodern language from a few decades ago, you should at least be aware that, by implication, you are rejecting the very notion of “representation” in favour of complexity, paradox, multiplicity, singularity, and so on. That is Postmodernism 101.

Not only has representative government failed us in South Africa, but the libtard in search of his “representative” white male perpetrator has become even more risible than some of our politicians.