Roy Bennett refutes Max du Preez’s praise of Zimbabwean land grab

Cultural-Marxist journalist Max du Preez

Writing on his Facebook page, Zimbabwean opposition politician Roy Bennett has refuted Max du Preez’s recent defence of Robert Mugabe’s so-called “land reform programme” whereby white-owned land was confiscated, plunging the country into economic chaos.

According to Bennett:

“There is a new fashion developing among some white journalists and academics: they have joined with Zanu-PF in presenting ‘land reform’ as a success. It began with English academic, Ian Scoones, and it’s now being repeated by others – the latest version being a book entitled ‘Zimbabwe takes back its land’.
“These people are reacting to what they say is the simplistic picture of ‘land reform’ as a disaster. But their revisionist line strikes me as being more than a little simplistic itself. These studies focus on very small samples and then make sweeping generalisations that cast Zanu-PF and ‘land reform’ in a positive light. In turn, journalists pick up on these generalisations and simplify them yet again, coming out with sound bites that are grossly and blatantly inaccurate.
“Knowingly or unknowingly, these people have become victims of Zanu-PF propaganda. The well-known South African journalist, Max du Preez, is one. A couple of days ago he wrote in We can learn from Zim’s flourishing farms that ‘agricultural production is presently on levels comparable with the time before the [land reforms] started.’ Even the Zimbabwe government’s own statistics show this to be an absurd statement.
“Tobacco production, the greatest ‘success’ story since the land invasions, currently stands at around 145 million kilograms, between 50 and 100 million kilograms short of the figures from 1995-2000. (Ironically, it is also true that after a dismal few years during which Gono and others claimed to be trying to stimulate production, the rebound in tobacco has occurred via the involvement of crooked Western companies that are providing inputs to peasant farmers and to many white farm managers who are working on behalf of chiefs.)
“In the twenty years from 1980, there were three years of national food deficit coinciding with drought in the early 1980s and early 1990s. Since 2000, there have been 13 consecutive years of food deficit and the United Nations has recently appealed for more than $100 million dollars to feed 1.7 million Zimbabweans in 2013. Zimbabweans are again dependent for survival on the generosity of the international community, including the so-called ‘regime change’ neo-imperialist power, Britain.”
Max du Preez writes in his latest column that “Zimbabwe’s radical land redistribution has worked and agricultural production is on levels comparable to the time before the process started.”
Echoing the anti-white, anti-Afrikaner ideology being churned out by the radical NGO, PLAAS in Cape Town, Max du Preez states that “the two lessons from Zimbabwe” are:
“The first is that most new black farmers can actually farm successfully and commercially if given enough time and help. There are far too many South Africans who believe the opposite.

“The second is that an ambitious land redistribution programme can play a large role in alleviating poverty and providing employment and dignity to large numbers of marginalised people.”

The cultural-Marxist journalist and renegade Afrikaner therefore calls for a radical Zimbabwe-style land grab in South Africa, stating:

“We urgently need to throw old, conventional thinking overboard and tackle our problem with more vigour.”

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