Britten’s indifference

Sarah Britten painting her self-portrait
Sarah Britten painting her self-portrait

by Albert Brenner

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One very positive side-effect of the Red October protest was that it aired the stale house of the MSM in Mandelatopia. This breath of fresh air made the usual suspects, and a few newbies, cough convulsively, as expected.

The loudest convulsion was a coarse phlegm-ejecting piece by the foul-mouthed Irish colonial reject Chris McEvoy. It is not worth reading. The second raffish algospasm was by Georgina Guedes. She tried, via an attempt at irony, to persuade her readers that it was oh so bleeding-heart symbolic of the freedom of democratic expression in Mandelatopia seeing a “dignified” black policeman escorting and “protecting” the white Red October marchers. She somehow conveniently forgot that the “dignified” policeman’s colleagues killed another peaceful protester, Mark Tatane, not so long ago – not even to speak of the Marikana massacre, the 1000-plus deaths per year in police custody since 1994, or the fact that both the ex-bosses of the “dignified” policeman are criminals.

The third bawdy paroxysm came from Lady Nicky Falkof, fresh from her 14-year sabbatical at the feet of Her Majesty the Queen of England. Her strident call for “progressive language” (e.g. rights, minorities, diversity, etc.) to remain the sole moral property of those who run Manor Mail & Guardian – at the behest of the Queen and her moneymongers – is only out-cramped by her near-autistic fixation with proper syntax and correct spelling. I’ll deal with Miss Commonwealth Spelling Bee 2013 in my next column.

The most interesting throe was thrown by the ever-so-swanky MSM darling, Sarah Britten. Her piece, albeit well-argued and neatly packaged, was pure sentiment. And it was precisely this appeal to emotion which prompted me to, once more, put my theory about white liberal irrationality to the test.

It only took six tweets of 140 letters/characters each to confirm said theory.This was how it was done. I simply asked her if she supported black lesbians protesting against “corrective” rape. She answered in the affirmative, of course. Then I pointed out that rape affects all women, not just black lesbians. Meaning that black lesbians form a sub-group protesting that which affects them specifically namely “corrective” rape. But, as mentioned before, rape affects all women, not just black lesbians.

From this it follows that it is logically and, even more importantly, morally inconsistent to laud one sub-group (black lesbians, in this case) for their “discriminatory” form of protest – i.e.they only protest against corrective rape, and not all rape – whilst demonising another (in this case, Red October whites) by accusing them of partaking in a “discriminatory” form of protest.. based on the fact that crime affects all, not just whites. Ergo, the rationale underpinning the protest by whites against their slaughter at the hands of blacks is no different to that of black lesbians protesting against corrective rape. Yet, the former is demonised while the latter is lauded and applauded by Britten and her MSM ilk.

It suffices to say that that which is good for the black lesbian goose is not good for the Red October white gander. This means that people like Britten discriminate on the basis of race – in terms of the above-mentioned biased sentiments expressed publicly. Given the above context, and what we know from all the standard definitions of racism, this would make Britten a racist.

Yet I doubt whether Britten could be classified as a racist, for she loves all those whites and blacks, et cetera, who agree with her. Meaning that her irrationality must be founded on something other than race-based zealotry. Or is it?

Britten is part and parcel of the upper-class British establishment in Mandelatopia. This group is the richest and (still) most influential collective in the country. They are just another appendage of her Majesty the Queen of England. And, as we know, England is the fons et origo of Pax Britannica. This (former) global empire was built by men like Cecil John Rhodes… whose moral motivations can best be summed up by the following quote; “

I contend that we British are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. Just fancy those parts that are at present inhabited by the most despicable specimens of human beings what an alteration there would be if they were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence…

At first glance the above quote seems like the paragon of racism. Not even Verwoerd ever said anything remotely similar. But I think it goes deeper than that. Is it “hate”? I mean, you really need to dislike others quite a lot to refer to them as “despicable specimens of human beings”. In short: are upper-class Brits like Britten hateful racists, like their forebearers, like Rhodes?

I think not. They are simply indifferent to all others, other than themselves. If dislike were an adjective, hate would be its comparative… and indifference its superlative. I mean it is beyond hate to, for example, kill 33 000 women and children in concentration camps and coldly go about carrying out a scorched-earth policy which reduced a unique nation to the poorest white nation on the planet, just for the sake of gold and diamonds. Similarly, it is beyond hate to try and turn the whole population of one of the oldest civilisations on the planet, the Chinese, into opium drug addicts… simply because your love of/for tea caused a huge trade deficit at the time.

It is a cardinal mistake to think that this indifference has, somehow, mysteriously vacated the non-soul of the British upper-class. Just think about the following fact: England is the only country in the Western world which (still) has such a huge divide between the upper and middle class. This divide is rigorously enforced, by complete indifference to the wishes and aspirations of the British middle and lower classes.

And this indifference is still very much present in modern South Africa. Just listen to Nobel Prize winner Nadine Gordimer – a representative of the British elite in this country:

Afrikaner women are lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation.

Lovely lady, ain’t she? She may have said “hate”, but it is clear from the magnitude of her hate that it is indifference. They only disguise their indifference as hate, so as to appear as if they actually give a continental toss… as if they actually still have one shred of humanity left.

Meaning that the imperial indifference that was once projected (and protected) by the military might of the old British Empire has simply morphed into an imperial indifference enforced by morality. In short; what the sword did for Rhodes, neo-liberalism (à la Pax Brittanica) is now doing for Gordimer, Britten and their useful idiots like Helen Zille, boy-man Fransie Cronje, Eusebius McKaiser, Piet Croucamp, Djonitin Jansen, Anton van Niekerk, Tim du Plessis, Max du Preez, Leopold Scholtz, Willie Esterhuyse, FW de Klerk and ilk.

Therefore never think that they actually care. They feel zilch for other nations, other peoples, cultures, traditions and their moral idiosyncrasies. They are completely indifferent to the plight of all others, especially poor blacks and the white farmers in this country.

The quickest way to rid this warm country of these cold bastards would be to unleash Raka in the form of a Mugabe-Malema on them. But that would lead to wanton slaughter; something the Afrikaner, unlike the British upper-class, has not got the stomach for, unfortunately. The Afrikaner hates wanton slaughter… that is why they organized the Red October protest.

The most humane way to ship their pitiless afters back to their crappy little mud-island with its Islam(ic) weather (partly Sunni, mostly Shiite) would therefore be to treat them with the exact same indifference they display towards all and sundry on the planet. Now that would be cricket, wouldn`t it, Sarah?

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135 thoughts on “Britten’s indifference”

      1. About as classy as Nadine Gordimer?

        “Afrikaner women are lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation .”

        1. Please prove that she said that.
          And if she did, does that make Rutger’s vile comments right? They’re just nasty – and they prove that he is a chap with no real respect or regard for women.

          1. What does McEvoy have to do with anything? He’s not the one saying a woman deserves to be raped because she’ll enjoy it…

          2. Does it make it better/acceptable then if the women identified fit only to be raped by a British Nobel Peace Prize winner are Afrikaans? Or if the quote was shared by someone you consider a “thinker”. Is the argument behind the whole matter not that Afrikaans white speaking people in South Africa do not deserve to talk about violence against them- instead they should be hanging their heads in shame? Price piece you are.

          3. Your’e missing the point GuessWho. Maybe she said it, maybe she didn’t. Odds are that she did.
            But the fact is that there are many vile things said by so called “classy people”; far worse in fact than Rutger’s quip. To try to single Rutger out as the bad guy, when far worse things are being said by so called “good people” is just a dishonest attempt at trying to vilify Rutger.
            Which is worse? To drown an innocent toddler in boiling water or to say that somebody fantasizes about rape? Try to imagine the pain, suffering and horror of that child and then try to imagine the kind of human being that would delight in doing something like that. Now that’s “classy”, wouldn’t you say?
            Place the blame where it belongs. This is not just about Nadine Gordimer being a classist, it is about the indifference of people like Britten, Mcevoy and Guedes, and the contempt that they hold for the Afrikaner people in general. Guedes practically delights in the heinous murders because she makes fun of it, it’s all irony to her, she turns it into a comedy act. Now that is “classy”.

          4. 1. You don’t speak for all Afrikaners. Red October is not “Afrikaners”, it is a small movement of self-identified Afrikaners who seem to use the same language as pro-Republican bloggers circa 2003.
            2. With his attitude, I would actually worry a great deal about how Rutger treats the women in his life. I will judge a movement by its fellow travellers, especially when you’re defending Rutger rather than correcting him or distancing yourselves from him.
            3. If Nadine Gordimer didn’t say it, then young Albert here is at best guilty of not knowing and researching his facts before he presents them and at worst of knowingly lying. That puts the credibility of everything he says into serious question.
            4. Who says they’re indifferent? Sarah has specifically said she isn’t.

          5. 1. I never said I do.The rest is just your biased opinion. It doesn’t count.
            2. And your’e trying to defend the undefendable; Britten, Mcevoy, Guedes and genocide. I didn’t see you distancing yourself from said trio. That’s enough for me.
            3. Who said she didn’t. The onus rests on you to proof that she didn’t. (Hint. Google is your friend. And no, I didn’t google Stormfront as per your “rule”) You look it up.
            4. Their actions say that they are indifferent. They do not need to voice it. Not only that, they’re practically relishing in the murder, rape and torture of innocent men, women and children. In my book that’s the same as being a holocaust denier, or are Jews the only ones who have ever had atrocities committed against them?

            And in any case, you’re way off the topic. Refute “young” Albert’s facts and stop the name calling and cherry picking. If you can’t (or won’t) address “young” Albert’s facts then stop trolling.

          6. I’d guess that you’re the one with a shrivelled up little willy, judging from your obsession with black men’s schlongs. Not only will no woman touch you, but you’re probably too dumb to realise that you’re a latent homosexual. Shame, growing up in a fucked-up Calvinist society has really screwed you up.

          7. It is interesting that you should be concerned for the Afrikaners. GuessWho, since the Afrikaans mainstream media hasn’t used that term in years. It only resurfaced amidst the leftist media circus that did its best to misrepresent a much needed call to action about government’s INDIFFERENCE to the situation.

            Like you did here with “all”, so too has the word “only” been misappropriated more times than I could count as the media frenzy unfolded.

            Britten’s indifference was only highlighted by her emotional appeal after which she, like so many white ‘activists’ who toy-toy and call themselves ‘comrades’, leave it all behind as they retreat into the reality of their privileged lives.

          8. Not as classy as your people who invented concentration camps killing Afrikaner children, burning farmsteads and churches and organising the latest genocide against Afrikaners as we speak. A class of true Sadists

  1. Maybe that is why Putin and the Chinese do not like the British either. Maybe we should learn this viva la indifference, but that is a bit against the grain – which mean that we are uncivilized? So much to do and understand still. Are we the only remaining commonwealth element left with sanity? Great spelling. You know – I heard western expats like to work in SA – it is a developed country in most respects where the labour force is blame-able for everything (literally) and where they still get R400k per month salary. Your indifference are also notable in the SA elite – as if they are actually elite.

        1. Just as I thought – a lie made up by a random ant-Semite years back, then perpetuated by unthinking idiots for years afterwards who have never looked for a primary source.
          And you lot try to make out you’re thinkers. Ho-ho. So goddam comical

          1. Ah, I see. We should instead know our place and accept that we do not deserve a place on this earth. That great privilege is reserved only for you lot? Good thing you had us build a previously undeveloped country for you first then suppose. You could move in such as the parasites you lot are.

          2. Wrong again, GuessWho:

            “The [De Beer = Afrikaans] child will sink, she will drown if she lets go of her mother, yet her clinging is flirtatious, she tries to make him look at her so that she may at once hide her head against the mother’s thigh. She’s a beautiful child as their children often are — where do they get them from? — and she’ll grow up — what do they do to them? — the same sort of vacant turnip as the mother … To go into those women must be like using the fleshy succulent plants men in the Foreign Legion have to resort to.”
            (The Conservationist, p. 48)

          3. So you’re all unable to distinguish between the voice of the author and the voice of a narrator?

            I’ll say it again: wow! And now, I’ll leave you all to it.

          4. Okay – let the voice of the narrator say the same things about Jewish women. Muslim women? Or better even – let the voice say it about Black women!

          5. Compare this to the black man in the Tintin series? Can you see how unfair and hypocritical the likes of you are?

          6. Do you see the word “quote” before the Gordimer reference? I don`t.

            I see the words “listen to”.

            Do you see any quotation marks? I don`t.

      1. I think it was he Conservationist but I could be wrong. However, there is enough evidence in all of Gordimers writings to her anti-Afrikaner Anglocentric and Anglophilia attitudes that one sentence alone does not do justice alone to the hate she holds towards Afrikaners

  2. Sadly the boring truth is that the cry of racism, is the shortcut to the moral high ground which Brits and their ilk always seem so desperate to occupy, given the guilt they carry for all their sins, past AND present! Anything else is convenient camouflage…

  3. I Like it Albert!
    Just thought I’d also mention that the majority (by some way) of the comments made about Red October, written by every “journalist” on all the sites I have seen – and I have seen all of the mainstream ones – are contemptuous of the authors opinions and views.
    From their names and nicks, these commentators seem to be mostly of European decent. So, either the liberal white population out there, if there is such a thing, don’t read the same sites as I do or alternatively there is a swing towards a more thoughtful realisation that “something is rotten in the state” with apologies to you know who!
    And before anybody uses the R word about me because I am referring to Europeans go and boil you heads.

  4. Great, thanks Albert: dislike – hate – indifference. Like you say, class divide is alive and well in Old Blighty today as it is elsewhere on the planet where British influence still prevails. Classism is the preferred mode of apartheid for the British because it doesn’t require the clumsiness of policy (i.e. traceability) but it is so much more insurmountable for those at the bottom.

    1. Pleasure Willem. Yup, one can only hope that a party like UKIP can shake them awake. The rural middle-class in England is really nice down to earth people. Yet their whole country is being sold out by the upper-class… like the Broederbonders did to us.

  5. Please feel free to use my twitter time line to witness liberal womens’ laborious attempts to twist the magnanimous Red October memorandum into any context but that which is written there. It’s safe to say that Red October will be blamed for polarisation,which seems more detestable than murderers&rapists. Now our achievements in Rape&Brutality indexes are better understood. Once again,sober piece,sir. Dankie.

  6. Some of the biggest cases of mistaken identity are among intellectuals who have trouble remembering that they are not God – Thomas Sowell

    Dr Ben Carson holds the view that the liberal elite are the biggest racists of them all by neatly pidgeonholing people of colour and then inventing such social engineering projects such as AA to emphatically tell people of colour that they cannot succeed on their own. Another, Dr Thomas Sowell, blames liberals for the current state of the affairs of people of colour “People who pride themselves on their “complexity” and deride others for being “simplistic” should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth.” 
    ― Thomas Sowell, Barbarians inside the Gates and Other Controversial Essays
    Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good.” 
    – Thomas Sowell

    1. Ek het dadelik gedink dit is ‘n verwysing na die moslem “invation” van die eiland as gevolg van Tony Blair se wonderlike handewerk. Amper soos ‘n Schadenfreude in gees …

      1. Het die term gou gaan Wiki. Nog n paar clicks verder het ek dit terug vervolg na Herman Dooyeweerd. Van sy werke was studie boeke op universiteits vlak tot plus minus begin 1990. Dis baie lank gelede, maar ek kon onthou dat hy goed beredeneerde stellings gehad het wat maklik toeganglik was.

        1. Daar leer ek ook iets, nee die rede hoekom ek dit op bring is na die Manfred vs. Henri debat op “Wit Oktober”. Die onderwerp was nog vars in my geheue toe kom ek af op die skakel gee dit ‘n lees. Ek het nou al geleer, amper enige iets waarteen die Anti-Defamation League is, kan net gesond wees.

          Ek dink die Afrikaner is van nature “kinists” DIT is hoekom ons Joe Slovo se vernietigende obsessie geword het onder andere.

  7. Ek klink al soos die dissipel vir intelligensie, maar hier gaan ek weer. ‘n Paar jaar gelede is navorsing gedoen, en uit die navorsing spruit toe die “Dunning-Kruger” effek. Wat dit vir die man op straat beteken, is dat mense wat eensydig aan die vlak kant van die gene poel teel, soos Britten en haar trawante, ook eensydig glo dat hul die top punt van menslike evolusie is. Dit is agv die lae vlak van intelligensie wat deur die eeue in hul ingeteel is, en wat vandag nogal heel waardig pryk as kroonjuweel, en dit is die “common white trash”, wat heel trots die strate van Engeland patrolleer. Nou wat baie van die koninklike “wannabees” vergeet, is dat die Engelse koningshuis, meer Duitse bloed bevat as ‘common sense’, wat dus beteken dat nie een van hulle dus d.m.v bloed, toegang tot die troon het nie, en dan deur afleiding, ook nooit in hul lewens sal ‘royalty’ wees nie. Wat dit vir ons as gewone mense beteken, is dat daar op hierdie stadium, ‘n geveg is tussen die Engelse prosessies en die Screaming Queens, vir beheer van wat hulle mag ag as hul erf porsie. Dit gebeur daagliks terwyl hul almal dink hul is verhewe bo die gemiddelde Suid Afrikaner. Ek nooi julle almal om gerus te gaan kyk na die huise van ons bevoordeelde liberale “dunning-kruger” burgers, en julself daarvan te vergewis, dat hulle tee partytjies hou sonder dat die ‘hulp’ teenwoordig is en ook ‘n stukkie koek kry. Wanneer die tuin jonge smiddae kom aanklop om te vertel wat in die tuin aan die gang is, word hy nie in genooi vir ‘n koppie teen en ‘n komkommer toebroodjie nie, maar word hy by die agterdeur staan gemaak, en d.m.v ‘n ‘stiff upper lip’ mee gedeel dat hy moet loop was en pad vat want ‘madam is busy’. So nou as ons hierdie gegewens alles in verband neem, dan sien ons hoe d.m.v die ‘Dunnig-Kruger’ effek, hierdie mense almal dink dat hulle slimmer as die res van die mensdom is, en dit net deur assosiasie. Die punt bly staan dat baie van hulle geleerd is, maar wat bewys dit? Kyk hoeveel geleerde presidente het al wêreld wyd gedien, en was absolute idiote! Kyk gerus na George Bush (die jongste idioot), en vergewis jouself gerus van die feit dat hy dit deur universiteit kon maak. Die kwessie gaan natuurlik nie oor hoeveel miljoene sy familie spandeer het om lektore en professors te keer om nie selfmoord te pleeg gedurende sy dom vrae nie, maar liewers oor die feit dat hy nie links van regs ken nie, maar steeds ‘n geleerdheid het. Geleerdheid beteken in elk geval, soos studies bevind het, dat jy net ‘n goeie geheue het, so daar steek nie veel in die Engelse Prinsesse se stories as of net goeie geheue, goeie familie (in terme van geld wat betaal kan word) of plein weg net goeie krip notes. Ek het self na verskeie van hierdie geleerdes se stellinge gekyk en gesien dat daar ‘n totale tekort aan logiese denke is, terwyl hul die leser probeer oortuig dat hulle is top punt van logika bereik het. Trouens, om vir ‘n koerant te skryf, verg deesdae niks meer intelligensie, as wat dit sou neem om ‘n hond te kry om sy testikel te lek nie. Wat ek hierdeur probeer sê is dat om in ‘n liberale koerant te kan werk verg basies net kennis van die menslike voortplanting organe en werking daarvan en niks meer nie, die res kan julle vir julself indink hoe dit gebeur. ‘n Bietjie silikon sou natuurlik ook nie skade aanrig aan silikon vallei nie…..

    1. Bush is nie die jongste idioot nie – alhoewel hy ‘n plek in die pantheon van stommigheid verdien – Obama is. Deur ‘n onwerkbare, maar Sosialisties aanvaarbare, stuk wetgewing to probeer deur dwing het hy die wêreld op die rand van finansieele chaos

  8. You make yourself out to be a thinker, but there’s not much evidence of thought or logic here. This comes across as a drooling right-wing rant. And anyone who disagrees with you is automatically an agent of the British Empire. Wake up. Entertain other points of view. Think. Read. And you really need to get over the genocide of Boer women and children in camps. It happened more than 100 years ago, ffs. You should stop living in the past, and try and embrace the new South Africa. It’s not perfect. But it’s a damn sight better than it was under a bunch of racist pigs – who were just as corrupt as the current bunch, lest we forget.

    1. So Pieter where is your proposed cut-off point before which history shouldn’t matter any more? Go to any film database and you’re bound to find volumes of NEW films depicting the Holocaust and that’s despite Germany’s unequivocal and ongoing public apology for WW2. One would think that such an acknowledgement would bring some closure but apparently not.

      Rewind a mere 40 years back and you find British concentration camps where relatives of mine witnessed how the pigs fed on stacks of dead children because there was not the means to bury them. Not a word. No public acknowledgement that our farms and our sovereignty were taken together with the lives of thousands of women and children. And that, for the gold that was found in the ZAR. In 1913 the Natives Land Act followed and in 1948 the NP inherited a fully functioning apartheid state.

      So where does history start in your book? 1948? 1976? Why don’t we forget that Apartheid ever happened while we’re forgetting?

      I have to agree with one thing, you say -“It’s not perfect” …lol.

      1. We shouldn’t forget history, Willem. But should we still be allowing it to shape our attitudes 100 years later? At some stage we should let the wound, and the anger, heal.

        1. Of course but the purpose is not to become complacent as those of us who identify as Afrikaners become more and more disenfranchised in South Africa. Do we have a say in how we would like the new South Africa to take shape? Are we going to accept that corruption and crime and incompetence and violence and general decay all form part and parcel of “our” collective South African heritage? Please have my share in that.

          As for your suggestion to let the anger heal, have you tried selling that beautiful idea to the millions who are still living in abject poverty in this day and age while we are told whites are getting richer and richer?

          How you don’t see the fundamental mess that we are in is beyond me. And it’s not because of the black government, we had numerous examples of post colonial governance to prepare us. It is because of the continued white privilege and the systematic scapegoating of all and everything Afrikaner to the point where your only reference to your past is: “racist pigs”

          1. Willem, the millions living in poverty are here and now – and have every right to be angry. They’ve been sold down the river by an incompetent, corrupt government. I don’t see whites getting richer – I see a growing middle class of all colours, but the gap between that middle class and the people living in poverty is only growing. That can only turn out badly in the long run.

            I see the mess we’re in. And I don’t think for a minute it’s the fault of the Afrikaner, although years of apartheid didn’t really help. But we would move more swiftly through the mess if we stopped apportioning blame and started working to make a difference.

          2. Agreed. Back to the topic at hand: Amongst a list of general concerns about the welfare of all South Africans was the perception that white farmers are especially vulnerable to violent crime. A perception not conjured up but one rooted in the reality of numerous brutal farm attacks.

            Instead of joining hands or laying to rest the fears of farmers the media chose to turn our attempt at making a difference into a neo nazi circus. We ARE trying to make a difference. But our fears are not acknowledged, just like the concentration camps 100 years before. We recognise the strategy because we know our history.

            Allow me to be an Afrikaner -South African without the baggage of apartheid and we’ll rebuild this country together. Deny me my identity, my language, my fears and my heritage and you’ll probably not get the best of me. It takes two to tango.

          3. Willem, I don’t think one can make a difference to the reality of farm attacks by having a march and releasing some balloons. Farmers have to stand together and work together to combat the scourge.

            I have a strong Afrikaner heritage, as my name suggests. I am extremely proud of it. I speak the language daily. I listen to the music. I read the literature. It is a culture which makes me feel home and safe. But now is the time to live that heritage proudly and openly, not aggressively and defensively. It is time to show the rest of the country and the world a face of Afrikanerdom that is measured and open and engages with the rest of the people of this wonderful country.

          4. With or without the help of government, Pieter? Ignorant or cautious of the reality of their Zimbabwean counterparts; the reality of Malema and the EFF? If raising awareness after the persistent denial of their plight is met with such derision then it seems clear that farmers shouldn’t be counting on their fellow Afrikaners for any form of support.

            OK so I engage with nation building and I’m open to the point where I support the anglicisation of Afrikaans schools. Afrikaans founded universities become places that are strange to Afrikaans history, culture, identity. A hundred years down the line I say “sure I can speak Afrikaans, listen: ‘braai’!”

            It won’t be because of letting evolution take its natural course because this nation is an act of social engineering in which I don’t see the things that are precious to me, prosper. In the light of current trends I see one main driver for the development of the South African nation: Money -not morals or human rights (a buzz phrase not so long ago).

            And I will think I have given up all that meant something to me once and I encouraged others to give up their Zuluness and their Sotho-ness in favour of this rainbow mess and I will only have money to show for it.

          5. Proud? More like prowled as in predation, as in bottom feeder. Poor ancestors. I suggest you cancel your progeny.

          6. standing together, peacefully protesting is not combating this scourge? Your libtard is showing…

    2. Shouldn’t you be preaching to Jooz and the hollow-caust fanatics? Get over it for God’s sake and give the Palestinians their stolen land back. It happened more than 100 years ago, ffs. Oh, no, that’s right, you can’t. It’s a Vannermerwe joke

      1. You can’t even attach your name to your silly little ad hominem attack. Joke’s on you. Oh, and your ignorance seems to be matched only by your blind prejudice.

          1. So easy to get personal when you’re hiding behind anonymity. But for the record: I think apartheid is wrong in Israel too. I think the Palestinians are getting a shockingly raw deal. But that doesn’t make it okay to be flippant about the Jewish people, or dismiss the holocaust.

          2. So easy to get personal? It seems much easier if one goes by the name of Koos. Or does this great piece of insight not count “You make yourself out to be a thinker” Most people recognise Brenner as well-educated and an original thinker.

    3. So Pieter – it is OK – no, mandatory – for some to remember. Others have to forget for the sake of – what? – peace and harmony?! Afrikaners have to “let go” of their past so as not to offend the dignity of the English? (or maybe the righteousness of the black elite?)

      It would be bad form indeed, to remind the Brits of the evil they perpetrated, wouldn’t it? For what it is worth, the Second Boer War was the first time ever that concentration camps were used. Quite the invention, eh?!

      Maybe you should go back and really, really read (and comprehend) history – and not just the drivel they spew in the “official” versions written since 1994 either. Just perhaps it would make you think twice about your stance on the whole “Rainbow Nation” pap you seem to have been raised on.

    4. I honestly think any Boer, Indian, Celt, Aborigine, Zulu, or Native American can find small consolation in your glib discard of the most atrocious empire in modern times. Try and put yourself in the position of an individual who’s ancestral land today belongs to some British conglomerate simply because of the fact that that country had literally wiped out the original owners and claimed it for crown and country.

          1. Don’t worry. I’m done here. This space is inhabited by narrow-minded, bitter, bile-spewing, racist bigots who refuse to acknowledge the existence of other views. I am sorry that this site, and its denizens, even exist in our society. We are the worse for having you in it. I hope that you all one day miraculously start living in the present. Goodbye.

  9. If you allow her and her horde of followers to post here, they will turn this place into a zoo and then proclaim you a troll. She is a person filled with self hate. One day she will end her existence by her own hand and I will dance with joy.

  10. So, Anton, I get it. I mean, I really do. In fact, some of those Anglo Saxons themselves openly remind their kin of the fact that their’s is the one culture that has indulged in warfare with often heinous consequences in close to the entire world collection of registered countries at some time or another. Personally I’ve written on the crown’s lineage and it’s seeming forecast of the eventual opportunistic British nature. In fact I think, Joseph Secrève’s article elsewhere re. Nihilism might be applicable to a definition of British diplomatic conduct in general.

    Bit it all seems to me like lecturing a terminal cancer patient. Yes, the birds came home to roost, we know it, we know the consequences but more importantly, the patient know it from the start and – if given the options again with a fresh start – would likely still give a sh|t. Strictly speaking, it worked for them.

    And staying on that callous note, are the philosophical guidelines chosen by the Afrikaner working for them ? Considering their current circumstances. Because if you are merely posing one moral stance against another – Poms VS Boers – then say so. You know. I accept the postulation that ‘Brits are less moral than Afrikaners’ or that ‘they are selfish and almost constantly self centered’ in a national perspective sense. So, I really get it brother. Hate the subjects with all mine heart.

    But here’s the thing I ask myself.

    How is it, for all their lack in moral character, the guile and their eagerness to delegate matched only by the unscrupulous ease with which they accept the resulting fruits of their outsourcing … how is it that these fickle specimens never the less manage to remain in existence for two millennia ? And how did they outsmart, conquer and populate the planet ?

    No disrespect Anton, but it strikes me as though all too often the aim of your articles is simply to ‘vent’. And we can all join in – I’d gladly lift a pint with you while we dish it up in a pub – but what is the point ? Is it meant to help anyone ? To give guidance ?

    The trend at PRAAG seems to want to revert back to the trusted list of Boer enemies in most every conversation in the same way that some Sibongile will blame Apartheid twenty years from now for the fact that his kids are still dropping out of school.

    Again, as I’ve asked Dan Roodt on several occasions also, can we not please get on with it now ?

    1. “the aim of your articles is simply to ‘vent’.”
      No quite true, Shannon. But I do get your point. Yet, “venting” can sometimes bring about catharsis.

      1. Great ! Shock therapy – I to fancy calamity as a means to bring people to their senses.

        But, just for a moment, let us assume that those who wanted awake and those who slumbered ignorant of suffering are now fully aware of the fact that the murderous state of their country is about as bad as all the misery suffered at the hands of the Brits by their ancestors. More specifically, let us assume that those who are not sitting upright by now probably never will awake or come to their senses.

        Then, let us pose the question – ‘What is the solution ?’

        Do we dare approach a beast that may prove to be very tricky ? … perhaps one that requires much effort ? … even sacrifice ?
        Could it be, that in order for us to more clearly see the solution (if it exists at all), we may have to understand ‘our selves’ a bit better and in particular the reasons why we allowed ourselves (at least in part) to end up sh|t creek ? The implication of this is of course that we may be forced to identify errors in our own rank and file and in the historical decisions of our ancestors.

        You up for it ?

      1. Absolute nonsense!

        See, e.g. my column `Freedom is neither Right nor Left`… in which I state my support for parties and movements like UKIP and the Tea Party.

        If you want to understand “controlled opposition”, go to the SAIRR website and look at their sponsors.

        Also see my column `Who is Naspers?`

    2. “The trend at Praag seems to want to revert back to the trusted list of Boer enemies in most every conversation”

      Please explain yourself,with proof…

      Because, daily our enemies help to erode our values,identity etc.
      You sound like a propagandist with ulterior motives.

      Our enemies will remain our enemies until they end their propaganda.

  11. I thought I’d paste a recent I O L article here re. Red October day – instead I’l just place the link :

    It sort of touches on what you lament Albert except this one points out that the left wing is no longer able to spot crap in their own literacy, If given opportunity to revise they’d probably still not get it. My point being that they don’t smell crap ’cause they could give a crap.

    In the above article re. the Red October affair, Chelsea Geach quotes the uttering of some shocked people. Shocked at the spectacle of said protest.

    Quote # 1
    Markus Trengove, president of Sasco UCT and head of the UCT Black Law Students Forum, said the Red October march had put him in a tight spot. “As an Afrikaans man, this puts me in a dilemma,” he said.

    So firstly, Markus is Afrikaans ? No kidding. I mean, he must be a black guy since he presides over a forum which exclusively caters for black law students. How did he get that right ?!

    Secondly, what the hell has his assumed Afrikaansness got to do with his opposition to the R.O. march ? I think the spot is in his eye.

    Then Markus – the Afrikaans president of black lawyers – delivers another profound one :
    “Organi[s]ing marches to speak for a particular race or culture only served to divide people. “Culture is not about protecting what is yours, but celebrating what is common to all of us,” he said.

    Damn right Markus ! And him and Steve H. now have more in common – as Afrikaners – than Markus and his black lawyers ?

    I love this one :

    Quote # 2
    Khotsi Chikane, SRC vice-president internal, grew up in Soweto, but moved to a gated community in a wealthy suburb. The problem started, he said, with walls and security guards: “When you start thinking of ways to socially exclude yourself from ‘the other’. That’s what I believe the root cause of crime is – the fear of letting ‘the other’ into your space.”

    Brother I hear you ! I hear you ! I look fwd to Khoti’s sequal – ‘How I repented and returned back to my home – the squatter camp’.

    And lemme emphasize Khotsi’s words. Listen up ! : “People plant precast walls, not because of other evil people. They spend thousands on security because of their egos and because they have a sick yearning to isolate themselves from the Sunday ice cream lorry”. And more specifically you safety Sickos, your actions have now directly led to crime ! You are the cause of it all and a I have a black kid at uni who fled to a white neighborhood to back me up on that.

    Quote # 3
    Dan Corder of Inkulu Free Heid said crime was a class problem. “They are not targeted because of their race but because they are lucky enough to have wealth,” he said to applause.

    Yup. I to have long held the view that wealth is coincidental. Got nothing to do with toil all you pretencious bastards ! Just because it happens only to classy people doesn’t mean they deserve it.

    Finally, hear these words :
    The SACP said on Monday it was disgusted by the “right-wing theft” of Red October, which is traditionally a celebration of the 1917 Socialist revolution in Russia.

    Yea, the same Russia who has since passed its Communism on to Africa as yet another second hand gift.

  12. Wow, another British hate article? It’s like you idiots at praag are actively looking to divide whites against each other.
    You know, there has been this “rumour” going around about the true intentions of Dan Roodt. After all, why is it that he fled the country for France just when the going went tough? We are looking into this…

    1. I agree with you to a certain extent. I have made my thoughts known on praag before.

      I’m not sure why Albert Brenner feels the need to make remarks about the “Irish”, or to claim that it’s the “British” who are behind everything bad.

      This women – Sarah Britten – is not anti-Afrikaans or anti-white because of she is Anglo-Saxon. It’s the neo-Marxist part of her identity that results in these sorts of views.

      To claim that it’s a result of her “British” upbringing is very divisive among whites in this country. It’s what we in the White Consciousness Movement call “divide and conquer” tactics. Usually it’s our enemies who use these tactics so i do agree with you that’s it’s a bit suspicious when so-called “white advocates” use these tactics.

      But that’s the thing, these people on praag are not whites per say. They are Afrikaners and this is the identity from which they come.

      1. The part underlined in red is pure and utter horseshit. Total, unadulterated crap. The person who wrote that clearly has no idea what words like “militant” and “Marxist” even mean. As for “liberal sexuality” … spare me.

          1. Thank you.

            “But will Praag make a concerted effort to reduce intragroup conflict in the future?”

            Praag is only responding to those who sow “intragroup conflict” like e.g. Britten, McEvoy, Falkoff, Guedes, Schulmann, Roper, Gordimer, Schutte, etc.

            We are only the messenger, hence there is no reason to criminalize us.

      2. “I’m not sure why Albert Brenner feels the need to make remarks about the “Irish”…”

        I did not “make remarks about the Irish”. I simply pointed out that Chris McEvoy is Irish. This, in itself, is also relative because Chris, by his own admission, cannot even speak Gallic.

    2. Stating that my column is characterized by “hate” of the British is absolute nonsense. I specifically stated British upper-class… which is even reviled in Brittain itself.

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